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Alain Hornung

Alain Hornung

Rentman is the software everyone should use. It’s really convenient to see all your equipment and crew in a useful way when it comes to rental and production. Everything you need is included in Rentman.

Michael Robijns


Michael Robijns


Rentman saves my company up to two days of work a week. This software really handles everything we need, from creating quotations at the start of every project to invoicing at its completion. It even thinks for me.

Morten Elsborg Hansen

Morten Elsborg Hansen

I have always thought of rental software as an investment  that I would never get anything back from, but Rentman changed my mind. Today I’m using it for single jobs, tours, crew planning and transportation scheduling.

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Niederkrüchten (DE)


MER Klang is a German service provider that has specialized in the rental of event technology while also assisting in the complete execution of events.

Rentman since:2015

MER-Klang's story

Before I started working with Rentman I didn’t use any type of rental software due to the small size of my business. However, I quickly realized that my growing inventory required a software solution, that could handle both, project planning and inventory management. A colleague of mine had worked with Rentman before and recommended it to me, which lead to me creating a free trial account.

My primary business area is the rental of sound and lighting equipment but my customer base is very diverse. I serve everyone, starting from DJ’s that rent multiple speakers every weekend, to cover bands that also require assistance with their show. It’s in the nature of my job to be constantly on the move, therefore I wanted to work with a solution that wouldn’t restrict me to my office. With Rentman I have found just that. If clients call me while I am out of the office, I use Rentman from my smartphone or tablet to quickly create a project and add all the needed equipment. After I have sent a quotation, the only thing I need to do at the warehouse is prepare the right equipment and set it up for pick-up or delivery.

All the freelancers I am working with have started using the Rentman App as well. The application is perfect for them as they can easily access the complete project plan at any time and check their responsibilities for the upcoming jobs. Apart from that they can directly register their worked hours, which eliminates the need for any sort of time sheet.

Altogether Rentman has simplified many aspects of my daily work life. I believe it really is the cheapest and most flexible solution on the market for event rental software right now.

Hanno Labonde



Stockholm (SE)


The Swedish AV rental business rents out projectors, sound equipment and lighting equipment. They additionally assist in the production of content, like smaller films and movies.


Rentman since:2016

Mevida's story

Rental management with Rentman starts by entering all the information that has been given to me by a client in advance into a project. The steps I need to take are already clearly outlined on the software’s interface. I start off by adding the required equipment for the project, followed by scheduling the crew for the different staff functions. I usually finish off by selecting the type of transport I will be using for this particular project.

The simple layout of Rentman really makes the whole planning and scheduling process much more efficient. If you got the routine, you don’t really miss anything anymore.The mobility of the package is another thing that really makes it stand out from other rental solutions on the market. With the Rentman App we have all the information we need on the move. We don’t even need to invest in scanners anymore because the app is equipped with a QR-Code scanner that does the exact same job.



When using Rentman I wouldn't say there is one specific function that makes the difference for me. It really is the complete package that makes renting out equipment and all related processes so much easier. However, especially the flawless integration between Rentman and our calendar simplifies a lot of my everyday work.

I can see all of our current and upcoming projects in my private calendar so the possibility of forgetting something is much lower. In general I have the feeling that we are much more accurate and reliable in our processes and logistics. We know where our equipment is and how we have to plan our time effectively.


Project Manager

Vanaja Event Solutions

Hämeenlinna (FI)


Vanaja Event Solutions is specialized on rigging, furniture rental and stage equipment. They serve a large variety of customers, starting from small cultural events to major music festivals.


Rentman since:2016

Vanaja Event Solutions's story

At the start of every rental project two of our team-members work on the sales process with our client. They create a project in Rentman, add the desired equipment, check its availability and create a general cost overview. The visual equipment overview enables them to check equipment availability at any given point of time, which ultimately minimizes the chance that we forget an important piece of equipment during preparation.

After setting the project as an option, our warehouse manager easily completes the list by adding the missing materials and finishing off the equipment planning. Due to the rental software’s simple design we now create all our quotations in Rentman, no matter if we are on the move or in the office.



Based on this planning I send out the invitations to the crew with Rentman’s integrated invitation feature. The automated function really saves us a lot of time as we don't need to write mails anymore or call all of them individually. Crew members get the e-mail and can simply click on “Accept” to confirm their participation for the event. Afterwards the only thing they need to do is login and see all important information in one central place. All-in-all it's much faster and way more accurate. 


Project Leader

The mobility of Rentman simplifies and improves a lot of our everyday work that used to take much longer. When we are on location I use the Rentman App to add as much information as possible in form of pictures, drawings and notes. In case we work at this location again we already have a large amount of data that we can then use to speed up the planning.

Before the actual start of the project I can quickly access my calendar to see, which project I have been scheduled for. Even at the venue I can still check out all the required information through the Rentman App or add more if something important is missing. If we have a project that takes a couple of days we take a picture at the end of every day, so our office staff knows how well the construction is progressing. In case they notice a problem or delay, they can send someone else over to help us out. Just this feature alone has already saved us a lot of time-consuming calls and e-mails.

After we have finished the project we quickly created a project based invoice and send it from Rentman to our client. Additionally we can export it to our bookkeeping software to keep track of all our cash flows.



Booz Event Design

Rijswijk (NL)


Booz Event Design is a Dutch company that specializes in providing bar equipment and inventory rentals to the beverage events industry.


Rentman since:2013

Booz Event Design's story

After meeting with a customer I create a new project in Rentman or create a copy of a similar project. I enter the event schedule, equipment, crew and transport needs. If any changes in the schedule arise, we only have to update the schedule and the times for the other will be updated automatically. Crew members we’ve scheduled receive an automatic email notification informing them of any changes in their schedule. Needless to say, changes in the event industry are constant and, as a result, this feature saves us a lot of time. When scheduling equipment, I can immediately see what we have in stock. We can add individual items or create and add sets.

The online rental software’s standard crew and transport scheduling features are very easy to use and I can immediately see what staffing or transport costs will be. Apart from quotes and invoices, I can also create project plans and packing lists. The nice thing about creating invoices in Rentman is that everything is managed within the specific project planner area. Therefore I don’t have to create new jobs all the time and the amount of projects stays manageable.


Account Manager/ Project Manager

Ina provides me with a packing list on which I can see all the equipment we need but also the general schedule for the project. Items on the equipment list are already grouped which saves me time and energy in locating and packing them. The packing list that I get states what types of items I need and also specific information about individual items. That means I know right away how many types of tables I need.

This saves a lot of time because I can find the same types of items quickly and that makes the whole process much faster. In the end, the online rental software helps me to work more effectively by providing me with a detailed order list and reducing the time it takes to pack everything. I have all the information I need either immediately provided or easily accessible in the system.


Warehouse assistant

From my Rentman calendar, I can see all the jobs I’m scheduled for and everything I need to know about a particular job. It gives me an overview of all the information I need about the venue, the contact person, the job scheduling and how many people I’m going to be working with, which is especially important.

If I need more information, I just download the order list or the project plan. This means I no longer have to send emails to colleagues with summaries and different types of lists. Around 2-3 days before the event, Ina sends me the definite project plan so that I can prepare myself for the job. That means I know exactly what I have in stock and what I’ll have to get from somewhere else.



Our customers have their own Rentman-Log-In with limited access, which allows them to access their files and see what equipment is available. They just log in whenever it suits them and see what equipment is still in stock. That really helps with big jobs when a lot is out and during peak periods when a lot of people are using the inventory at the same time. In addition, the rental software helps a company keep track of its stock if it's growing really fast, preventing information from getting lost. Now that customers can access information on their own, I have a lot more time for other tasks.

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