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Inventory management, made easy

We help you organize, schedule and track your equipment, so you always know what’s available and how to plan ahead.

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Control equipment flows

Keep track of your inventory in a timeline view, so you always know what goes in and out of your warehouse.

Spend less time booking

See availabilities, schedule equipment and manage subrentals in minutes.

Make better decisions

Prevent shortages, track equipment usage and manage repairs so you can run your business more smoothly.

How it works


Set up your inventory

Setting up your inventory in Rentman is easy. Simply fill in your equipment lists or import exisiting ones.

Add QR codes, barcodes and serial numbers to help you track the location of each piece of equipment.

Tag your inventory with RFID tags & take tracking to the next level.


Bundle equipment and accessories in groups

Combine equipment into kits and cases if items are always or often rented out together. Never forget a cable again!

Bundling equipment and accessories into kits and cases helps you to stay organized, plan faster and rent out equipment easier. 


Schedule equipment in minutes

Simply check equipment availabilities in an equipment timeline or with our quick availability lookup feature.

Then schedule equipment individually or previously bundled equipment items in a few clicks to speed up your planning process.

Are you short on equipment? You can easily use Rentman to subrent equipment and solve shortages.


Generate packing lists that work for you and your company

Create virtual or printed packing lists to know which equipment needs to be packed and/or collected.


Track your equipment 

By using RFID, QR codes and/or barcodes you always know where your equipment is located at all times. Keep track of asset movements across locations, crew members or teams with RFID, QR & barcode scanning.

With RFID tracking, you'll never lose sight of your equipment again.


Report repairs and lost items 

Received a broken item? Simply create a repair from the app and choose if you charge the damage on the invoice. 


Get insights into equipment usage

Rentman automatically keeps track of your booked equipment, so you know what's been booked, repaired or subrented the most. Base your next purchase decisions on real data.

With Rentman we have a better grip on our inventory. We know what’s available, broken, lost, and in need of service.

Christopher Gustafsson CEO, One Audio AB

IM-See booked equipment in a timeline

See booked equipment in a timeline

With your equipment data in Rentman you can easily schedule equipment in a few clicks

  • See availabilites
  • Plan equipment
  • Manage subrentals
  • Prevent shortages
  • Have an overview of costs
  • Export your data
Discover Equipment Scheduling
IM-Track inventory

Track equipment with QR codes and/or barcodes

  • Know where your equipment is at all times
  • By tracking equipment on serial number level you build up a complete history of where your items have been
  • Keep track of asset movements across locations, people, or teams with QR & barcode scanning
More about Equipment Tracking
Assign equipment to multiple stock locations-same warehouse- EN

Manage multiple equipment locations

Keep track of equipment availabilities, ongoing repairs, and lost items in all of your stock locations.

  • See availabilities in all stock locations
  • Book and return equipment to multiple locations
  • Use subrentals to solve shortages
  • Add unlimited stock locations
Discover multiple equipment locations
IM- Add digital signatures (4)

Add digital signatures

Do you want to get confirmation that all equipment is packed? In Rentman you have the option to add e-signature forms to your packing lists.


Scan items from multiple locations on the go

Maintain full warehouse control with a detailed overview of equipment flow. This allows you to keep track of what’s going in and out at all times.

Inventory management features

Serial number tracking
Seperate your inventory on serial number level and keep track of where each item has been.
Bulk booking
Book multiple items in one go with a single swipe in the Rentman mobile app.
Invoice additional equipment
Keep up with last-minute customer requests by adding extra items in the warehouse and ensuring they are added to the invoice.
Subrental management
Solve shortages for single or multiple projects with a complete view of shortages over time. Create subrental requests and send them directly to other users.
Add alternatives
Missing an item on the shelf? You can directly add an alternative by scanning or selecting it from the database.
Sales stock managament
Never run out of stock for your consumables. Visually keep track of critical stock levels to accurately forecast your next batch purchase.
Equipment statistics
Keep track of individual serial numbers so you know what has been rented out most or needed most repairs.
QR codes & barcodes
Create or connect QR codes and barcodes to keep track of where each item has been.
Equipment dimensions
Know exactly what type of transport you need to plan for a project through automatic calculations.

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