AV & Event Production Management Software

AV- & event production management software

Always know how much equipment you have in stock, manage inventory across multiple locations, and communicate with your crew more efficiently.

  • View real-time data of equipment availability
  • Track items across multiple stock locations and warehouses
  • Manage all your crew from one single platform and avoid miscommunication
Equipment production

With Rentman we are saving probably around 30 to 40% of our time that we can now invest into value-added areas that help us deliver higher quality events.

Andrew Co-owner of Renegade Events

Capture the full planning process

One platform to cover the full production cycle

From the first call with your customer to creating a quote, planning equipment, scheduling crew, packing gear, and registering worked hours after the event: Rentman allows you to manage all steps to a successful event in one streamlined flow. 

  • Eliminate the need for copy-pasting information between different systems
  • Get a 360-degree view of all your current and past projects 
  • Turn recurring projects into templates to speed up planning
Get the insights you need

Get the information you need

A lot of different people like Account Managers, Equipment Planners, Crew Planners, and warehouse staff are involved when it comes to the planning and execution of event productions.

Rentman optimizes the information flow for your entire team with customizable views, filters, and grouping – so everyone can stay focused on their job.

  • Build your own custom dashboards
  • Display your events in a calendar view or a list view
  • Sync your Rentman calendar with your own calendar
Be in control of the project progress

Stay in control at every stage

Rentman makes it easier to see what actions you still need to keep every project on track.

With status icons, you see immediately what projects have unresolved shortages, unconfirmed quotes, pending invoices, open crew tasks, or any other open tasks.

  • View the stage of each project at a glance
  • Stoplight indicators to see what actions need to be taken for equipment, crew, quotes, invoices, and tasks
Access project files from everywhere

Access project files from everywhere

From riders to floor plans, power distribution schemes, and parking permissions: a lot of files are usually needed for a successful production.

With file management in Rentman, everyone can upload and distribute files to make sure everyone has access to the information they need.

  • Link files to a project and sync them to your local server, Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Manage permissions per file
  • Open files on the go through the mobile app
Control who can access information

Control user access to information

When multiple people are involved in planning, you might not want all of them to access the same information. With detailed user permissions, you stay in control of what information each user gets to see.

  • Specify per file if it contains sensitive information
  • Prevent people from accidentally deleting information
  • Hide financial information from project managers
Handle changes

Don't stress out by (last-minute) changes

Changes will always occur – so we created a system that helps you stay flexible in an efficient way. With central time schedules, you only need to make changes in one place, and it will automatically update any crew or equipment schedules linked to it.

  • Update time schedule for all equipment and crew in a few clicks
  • Shift complete projects in a single click
  • Receive real-time notifications when changes occur
Subrent equipment with ease

Subrent equipment with ease

The gear you need for AV and event productions is not always in your inventory. Reserve equipment for the right projects, and manage shortages with alternatives or subrentals. Rentman makes subrenting more efficient, by combining shortages across projects in one view and easily turning them into subrental requests.

  • Reservation system to assign equipment to projects
  • Create or re-use subrental jobs to solve shortages
  • Send requests to other Rentman users in a flash
Keep costs under control

Know where to cut costs and increase profits

Track costs and revenue for your equipment, crew, transport, one-time expenses, and insurance. Through each step of your project, you see the initially estimated costs, what you planned, and how much you spent in the end. 

  • Track all costs within a project and divide them by category
  • See if your estimations were accurate
  • Create better estimates for future projects with subsequent costing analysis
Manage price agreements

Manage prices and discounts

Flexible pricing and discount options help you calculate the right prices for your services. When you agree on a fixed price with a customer, you can lock the project price. Any additional charges will automatically be calculated as discounts, and you decide if you charge any extras.

  • Lock project prices
  • Keep track of additional charges as discounts
  • Manage discounts efficiently
Pre-built templates

Simplify planning with templates

Productions often have similar setups. Mold your recurring activities into planning templates, so you can repeat your winning setups and minimize manual work. 

  • Structure workflows and services into reusable templates
  • Ensure no steps are forgotten or skipped
  • Create consistency in your quotes
Design quotes that set you apart

Make your quotes stand out

You are selling an experience to your customers. So blow your customers away with your quote by adding visuals and creating unique designs. Enhance your quotes with images to give your customer a preview of what to expect.

  • Add your brand identity to documents
  • Customize documents to your liking with our drag-and-drop template editor
  • Use CSS and HTML to customize quotes in detail
  • Create reusable templates for different purposes
  • Add a digital signing option to your quotes
Flexible invoicing

Flexible invoicing

Set up your preferred way of invoicing and choose the best option for each project. Break up invoices for bigger events into multiple parts. Keep track of what has already been invoiced and what invoices need to be sent out.

  • See all projects to be invoiced in one view
  • Combine multiple jobs into a single invoice
  • Export invoices to your accounting software
Discover our accounting software integrations
Categorize your jobs

Understand where profits are made and lost

With many activities going on for each production, it's easy to lose sight of the numbers. That's why Rentman brings some organization to the clutter. Divide and categorize your projects to see which services bring in the most money and where the potential is.

  • Set default tax, legal, and document settings per project type
  • Create reports and split them by project types
  • Focus on profitable events and understand how to make others more profitable
Keep a log of changes

Be informed on changes and who made them

When planning productions with multiple people, you want to keep some control of changes and why they were made. For every project, Rentman keeps a log of all changes and who made them. So you see who canceled a project, deleted equipment, or made changed time schedules.

  • Track all changes made within projects
  • See which user made what change
  • Recover major accidents by restoring backups
Create a (virtual) warehouse for  tours and equipment stored elsewhere

Stay on top of your gear across multiple warehouses and storage locations

Equipment planning becomes a lot more complex when your gear is stored in different places. Rentman avoids any troubles, by being able to plan productions from multiple storage locations. Whether your equipment is in a trailer, on a tour, or stored in a venue: you're in control of where equipment can be booked from.

  • Plan equipment loans and transfers between warehouses
  • Assign gear to storage locations and remove it from your available inventory
  • See in a timeline view where your equipment is stored or planned at any moment
Learn more about multiple equipment locations
Distinguish what you plan  and what you charge

Distinguish between what you plan and what you charge

Break up your service planning and financial planning. For example, when you're bringing backup equipment, but don't want to charge your customer for this. 

  • Breakdown projects into subprojects for different stages or tour locations
  • Reserve and pack extra equipment without affecting the financials of the project
Import CAD designs to projects

Import CAD designs to projects

Using software like Vectorworks, AutoCAD, or WYSIWYG for your productions? Import equipment lists from these software tools, match them with your database, and have all required gear in your production planning almost instantly. 

  • Support for all CAD design software with export functionality
  • Automatically group equipment into default categories; light, sound, cables, etc.
  • Save time on manual entries
Build schedules and communicate with your crew

Build schedules and communicate with your crew

Use drag and drop features to build schedules and identify what needs to be done. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.

Inviting someone is as simple as selecting a job, finding the right person, and sending out the request.

  • Request availabilities
  • Send invitations in batches
  • Track worked hours
  • Share files and job instructions
Discover Crew Scheduling

Your complete event production planning in one software

Account Manager

Keep an overview of the whole project

One centralized place for every step of your project planning. Overview of costs and flexible changes with time schedules. Save time with templates and a smart interface.

  • Integrated CRM
  • Import equipment from design software
  • Overview of what needs to be done
  • Create compelling quotes
  • Keep track of what has been quoted after the planning has been finalized
  • Let customers sign online
  • Track budgets with estimated costs, planned costs, and realized costs
Account managers
Equipment planner

Solve the puzzle as efficient as possible

Decide how resources are best allocated and easily keep track of all (unique) equipment items. In case of shortages of your own equipment, you can easily subrent equipment and assign it to your projects.

  • See shortages across projects in one view
  • Solve shortages in the most cost-efficient way
  • Create and reuse subrentals
  • Use storage locations to separate equipment
  • Optimize your equipment puzzle with equipment timelines
  • Send subrental requests directly to other equipment suppliers who are using Rentman
  • Keep track of subrental costs and budgets
  • Adjust planning for changes in demand, repairs, lost items, early and delayed returns
Equipment planner
Crew Planner

Always know who is available

Multiple views allow planners to control every step of the planning process. See availabilities, filter crew based on the needed skills or expertise, and assign suitable crew members to job functions.

  • Quick insight into available crew
  • Send invites for specific jobs or time periods
  • Filter on crew, skills or certificates
  • Keep track of worked hours with time registration
  • Make changes easily and communicate only to the crew involved
  • Create a digital callsheet that updates real time
  • Collaborate with multiple planners on the same schedule
  • Keep your schedules temporarily hidden from your crew

Always know where your equipment is located

With Rentman you'll have a complete overview of where your inventory is located at all times. Seeing which items have already been scanned and packed allows for easy collaboration with your fellow warehouse crew. 

  • Digital and printed packing slips
  • See in real time what your colleagues have already packed
  • Track if expected deliveries have arrived
  • Split out your packing slips by department
  • Support for multiple warehouses and stock locations
  • No need to buy expensive equipment, you can scan items with your phone

That's not all

More features

Multi language support
Rentman is available in a variety of different languages, and we provide support in 5 different languages.
Quick search
Easily look up equipment availabilities and stock levels with the quick search function.
Use our public API to connect Rentman to other software (e.g. Salesforce or SAP).
Custom fields
Create custom fields to add additional information to the data in your database (e.g. to contacts or equipment).
Hourly backups
With hourly backups you can revert your complete planning to a previous point in time and easily correct mistakes.
Efficient packing slips
Pack your equipment in the most efficient walking route by sorting your equipment by location in the warehouse.

Why use Rentman to manage your AV or event production business

  • Keep everyone on the same page

    Centralize your communication with Rentman and manage your crew from one single platform. Easily send out job updates, schedule changes or work invitations and spend less time communicating in the meantime.

  • Made for your industry

    Starting out as an AV production company, we know the ins and outs of the industry. We know what can go wrong and what is important when planning an event production.

  • Manage every step from a single one platform

    Instead of using multiple tools to plan an event, you now only need one. Communicating with your crew, assigning the right transportation, logging damaged equipment or creating quotes and managing payments can all easily be done within Rentman.

Manage availabilities of your AV equipment and always know how much is available

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