Ensure the right gear leaves & returns to your warehouse.

Rentman streamlines inventory booking, dispatching, and returns with real-time tracking.




Ensure the right gear leaves & returns to your warehouse

Say goodbye to

Frequently delayed jobs

Complicated dispatching processes lead to missed deadlines and revenue loss.

Incorrect dispatched gear

Wrong information on gear availabilities leads to dispatching errors.

Reduced profitability

Last-minute decisions, inaccurate quotes, and unnecessary investments.

Say hello to Rentman

Your all-in-one inventory management solution

Centralize all the equipment information

Rentman's warehouse module provides a complete overview of all your equipment. 


  • Dispatch and return the right gear.
  • Always know where your gear is.
  • Add alternatives, notes, or report lost gear.

Real-time inventory management

Create packing lists that show all needed inventory in one click. 


  • See real-time equipment availability.
  • Create digital packing lists in seconds.
  • Automatically update packing lists using the Rentman mobile app.

The Rentman mobile app

With the free Rentman app, your team can manage all equipment on their mobile.


  • Give in-app instructions to your team.
  • Get automatic alerts when the job is not fully booked.
  • Connect the app with your scanning device.

Track gear using QR code, barcode and RFID

Scan equipment at a serial number level in seconds.


  • Simple to use and intuitive.
  • Get automatic alerts when you forget to scan an item.
  • Take it to the next level with RFID scanning.

Customize Rentman to fit your everyday needs

Customize your workspace to fit the needs of your business.


  • Easy settings setup.
  • Keep better track of all your equipment.
  • Make the processes more transparent for you and your team.

Trusted by 250,000 event professionals.

With Rentman, you'll always be sure that the right gear leaves and returns to the warehouse.

From the industry, for the industry

Built for every member of your team

Warehouse managers

Built for warehouse managers

Know exactly where your gear is and get real-time updates for smoother, more efficient warehouse operations. 


  • Send in-app instructions to your warehouse team.
  • Get real-time updates on equipment booking statuses.
  • Always dispatch & return the right equipment.
Warehouse managers love Rentman
Warehouse crew

Built for warehouse crew members

Quickly get up to speed with user-friendly software, even if you're new to the team.  


  • Get mobile notifications for new job instructions.
  • Scan equipment with Rentman's intuitive scanning solution.
  • Find gear alternatives in Rentman's mobile app.
Warehouse crew love Rentman
Operations directors

Built for operations directors

Track key metrics, monitor warehouse performance, and make data-driven decisions for smooth customer collaboration.


  • Monitor job delays and lost gear.
  • Track warehouse performance using the Statistics module.
  • Focus on what matters the most with data insights.
Operations directors love Rentman


Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers say.


av & event production  •  15 employees

Rentman's RFID could slice time spent on finding lost items by half or more.

Thiadrik, Warehouse Manager - MHB

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catering, party and event rental  •  25 employees

The warehouse crew and drivers all use the Rentman app for the operational part of the project. Confirmed projects directly appear in the app, so the warehouse crew can start picking and packing the order. Statuses can be changed in the app as the project moves to the next phase, and movements in the warehouse can be overseen.

Roderik Mutsaers, Owner - Arendje

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Put an end to delayed jobs and missing gear.

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