Equipment Tracking Software

Fewer mistakes.
More traceability.

Stop losing items as soon as they leave your warehouse.
Stay in control and know where your gear is at all times.


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What we do

Real-time equipment coordination and tracking.

Have less lost, stolen, and damaged equipment
  • Track equipment on a serial number level
  • Use QR codes and RFID to monitor equipment movement
  • Know the complete history of your items on a serial number level
Prevent mistakes and unexpected surprises
  • Know where every piece of equipment is in your warehouse
  • Make sure the right gear leaves your warehouse in the right hands
  • Keep track of changes made by your colleagues
Improve your ROI via data-driven insights
  • Know which items are booked, repaired, or sub-rented the most
  • Generate reports to make better purchasing decisions
  • Track sub-rental costs

Three easy steps

Elevate your warehouse flow and gear tracking.

Manage equipment across different  broadcasting studios

Know where your gear is at all times

Set mandatory locations to scan your gear, so you never have to wonder where a piece of gear went missing and know where each item is at all times.


Use RFID to track items faster and more accurately

Always know where your gear is, even the smallest of cables, without opening cases, using RFID technology. Ensuring you never lose gear again.

Reduce mistakes_ Checkout Reduce mistakes_ Checkout equipment

Make sure the right gear leaves your warehouse in the right hands

Generate digital packing lists with information that's always live and synchronized with your inventory to make sure that your gear always leaves your warehouse in the right hands.


Increase your warehouse productivity

No more wondering who changed or edited an order. Keep track of changes made by your colleagues via our warehouse tracking log. 

Insights into equipment usage, costs and profits

Track your gear’s depreciation

Never be stuck without a vital piece of gear before an event. Track your equipment’s depreciation over time so you know exactly what needs to be replaced in the near future.


Use equipment data to inform your purchasing decisions

Armed with statistics about each item and its usage, you can make better-informed purchasing decisions. For example, once you know your most rented-out items, decide whether it would be more profitable to purchase this piece of equipment instead of continuously sub-renting it.


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Stop wasting time figuring out where your gear is

Save money. Stop losing gear.

Say goodbye to lost and never found equipment. And hello to knowing exactly where misplaced gear could be.

  • Use QR codes and RFID tech to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Keep track, in real-time, of your gear’s movements across locations, people, or teams.
  • Designate mandatory scanning locations so you know exactly where equipment went missing.
Camera kits and flypacks

Make every second count

Speed up warehouse processes by bundling items often used together.

Professional cameras contain a combination of multiple items. We offer extensive possibilities to bundle items together, so you never forget any accessories again!

  • Eliminate guesswork. Know the content of a transport case without needing to open it.
  • Speed up warehouse processes by booking a combination of items with one click or scan.
Keep track of repairs

Stay on top of your gear

No more guessing. Know all the details about each piece of equipment.

You need to know what’s working, needs fixing, and continuously breaking before booking an event. Use an item’s serial number to track that and more.

  • Know the complete history of your items on a serial number level.
  • From its usage to its movement, access detailed information about each item.
  • Quickly schedule repairs or inspections based on an object’s usage.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers say.


av & event production  •  15 employees

Rentman's RFID could slice time spent on finding lost items by half or more.

Thiadrik van Wieren - MHB

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And that’s not all

More equipment tracking features.

Multi-warehouse management
Easily manage your inventory across multiple studios and warehouses. Making it easier to transfer equipment from one location to another.
360 gear insights
Know an item’s lifecycle, usage, and entire history via its serial number. So you'll know when you need to replace an old item.
Equipment timelines
View a timeline of the availability for each serialized equipment item. In real-time.
Custom combinations
Know the content of a transport case without opening it. Enabling you to speed up warehouse processing times.
Specify required gear scan points
Set mandatory scanning locations for your gear. So you’ll always know exactly where things went wrong.
Schedule inspections
Easily schedule inspections for all your gear, no matter its location, to make sure planned equipment is always in perfect condition.

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