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Product Updates

We work hard on improving Rentman every day. Find out what's new in our latest updates.

Create projects in Rentman with the API

Create projects in Rentman using the API. You can now use your own webshop plugin, the contact form from your website, or other tools in your sales process to get orders in Rentman faster.


Column sets - a new way to organize information

New column sets allow you to organize the information on your screen for each step in the planning process.  Separate financial and logistic information, or create column sets based on the phase of your project. You could even differentiate column sets based on screen sizes for remote work. 

Rentman’s compact mode

A new view that shows more information on your screen - Rentman’s compact mode is now available in the improved interface. Various elements and fields now become accessible without the need to scroll.

Work faster - plan equipment with your keyboard

Save time by planning equipment solely by using your keyboard. You no longer have to relocate your hands or reach for your mouse. Push the limits by attaching a scanner to your computer to plan equipment by scanning QR codes or Barcodes.

Sign in with Apple

Log into your Rentman workspace using Apple sign in. Match your email address to your Apple ID and connect!

New project status visuals

Making information about projects more accessible, Rentman now visualizes the status of your projects using a traffic light system. You can find these colors in various places in the rental software.

Use your keyboard to get work done even faster

These new shortcuts save you time and smoothen repetitive actions. Instead of having to move your mouse, you can navigate and do tasks solely by using your keyboard.

Streamline your communication - Add tasks, notes, and files regardless of your user role

Communication is a challenge for every company. Our latest change in your user role settings has the goal to improve your internal communication by allowing anyone within your Rentman workspace to add tasks, notes, and files. 

We have made improvements to the Time Schedule

With the newest improvements to the time schedule, you can easily postpone a project or move the project to a different timeframe. Simply select the new timeframe in which you want to reschedule your projects and Rentman will do the work for you.

Quickly check your equipment’s availability

While on the phone with a customer, you probably want an easy way to quickly check if specific inventory items are available. With the quick availability lookup, you can now check your equipment’s availability within seconds - from any screen in Rentman!