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Product Updates

We work hard on improving Rentman every day. Find out what's new in our latest updates.

Streamline your communication - Add tasks, notes, and files regardless of your user role

Communication is a challenge for every company. Our latest change in your user role settings has the goal to improve your internal communication by allowing anyone within your Rentman workspace to add tasks, notes, and files. 

We have made improvements to the Time Schedule

With the newest improvements to the time schedule, you can easily postpone a project or move the project to a different timeframe. Simply select the new timeframe in which you want to reschedule your projects and Rentman will do the work for you.

Quickly check your equipment’s availability

While on the phone with a customer, you probably want an easy way to quickly check if specific inventory items are available. With the quick availability lookup, you can now check your equipment’s availability within seconds - from any screen in Rentman! 

Create your own customized dashboards

The new customizable dashboards allow you to add different widgets to optimize your way of working. Let us introduce you to each widget and how they fit into your workflow.

Time-based stock changes – plan deliveries and sales

The time of static stock levels has come to an end. Stock levels in Rentman are now bound to time. With this update you’re able to enter future stock changes and keep a record of historic changes in stock levels for each item. Whenever you plan on buying or selling equipment, you can plan this ahead to make sure your equipment availability is up-to date with anticipated changes.

Project progress indicators - know how your project is doing

With project progress indicators, you will know exactly what steps you still need to take in your projects. You can more easily chase up on overdue tasks, send payment reminders for expired invoices, and plan crew members on open crew functions.

Launching an improved interface

Rentman’s new beta interface is full of new features. To introduce you to everything that is new, we will be highlighting helpful features in a series of updates. Stay tuned!

Inventory Count – Get your equipment quantities up to date

It’s now easier to update your Rentman data to what’s actually in your warehouse. We’ve developed an inventory check feature to help you make sure that what you plan is actually available. 

Warehouse movements are now used in the availability of equipment

Track equipment availability more accurately — warehouse movements now directly influence your inventory levels. 

Handling early and delayed returns is now a lot easier with this commonly requested feature. Read on to discover how it works.

Connect Rentman with other services – Introducing our API

You can now connect to other services with our API. Start automating workflows beyond Rentman and reduce copy-pasting work. With the API you’re now able to transfer data from your Rentman account into another system. You can use it to set up a connection with your accounting software, file hosting service, CRM, or any other tools you use.