Updates | Rentman

Product updates

We work hard on improving Rentman every day. Find out what's new in our latest updates.

Improvements to the Rentman App

With the newest Rentman App update you can enter your availability in the calendar view of your schedule, access notifications and create packing slips from any location.

Update the content of a kit

You can now update the content of a kit in a project to how they are currently saved in your database.

Version F119 / B129

  • Edit multiple crew members in one go
  • Add and remove crew rates
  • Plan kits using decimals

More insight in your costs and revenue

With the upgraded costs overview in the Financial tab of your projects it's easier to keep track of your costs, revenues, and margins while planning a job.

Version F117 / B127

  • Get more insights into costs and revenues
  • Update the content of a kit
  • Download multiple invoices
  • Save kits faster

Version F115 / B125

  • Search for extra input fields.
  • Use a shortcut to delete functions and equipment.
  • Easily remove crew members from invitations.
  • Check the status of an invitation.

More than 900 fonts available for your documents!

We connected our document template editor to Google Fonts, so you can choose the perfect font for your documents.


Version F97 / B105

  • Digital signature available for all documents
  • Export your Invoices as XML
  • Linked location in planning email
  • Notification when receiving emails

Version F94 / B102

  • New App
  • Import VAT class field of equipment
  • Import stock value for sales equipment
  • Add equipment that is hidden in planner to kits and cases

The New Rentman App

Our brand new mobile app is now available! The new app provides a much better user experience and can be used to manage your warehouse process.