Easier relationship management

Improve your customer relationships with all your contact information organized in one place. With Rentman you can manage files, invoices, discounts, and tasks for each of your clients and locations. 

Keep track of contacts

Keep an overview of each contact. Store notes and files to keep track of important changes.

Know your customers

Store preferences like discount settings and payment conditions for each contact.

Inform your team

Keep your colleagues in the loop by assigning follow up tasks.

CRM_Contact data in one place

Keep your contact data in one place

  • Custom approach for each contact

    Personalize your customer contact by saving custom settings for your clients and contact persons. Store notes, files, and assign tasks for each contact. Use custom fields to customize your data so you can use it in the way you want.

  • Costs and revenue breakdown per client

    Get a view of all invoices and projects per clients. See who is bringing in the most revenue and know what deals to focus on.

    Explore analytics & reports
  • Access contacts from the mobile app

    With the Rentman app, you always have your contact details at hand. Easily get in touch, see created quotations, or plan your route using the Google Maps integration.

Data security at Rentman


Improve your customer satisfaction