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Be in control. Stay in control.

Plan your crew with ease, knowing you'll always have the right people
for the right job.


What we do

Helping planners do their best work.

Get a 360° overview of your entire planning process.
  • See availabilities
  • Anticipate crew shortages
  • Avoid double bookings
  • Access reliable project information
Remain in full control of your events.
  • Get quick insights
  • Share updates with your team
  • Handle last-minute changes 
  • Stay informed with the mobile app
Trust that everything goes according to plan.
  • Stay on top of every detail
  • Have all information in one place
  • Keep crew informed at all times
  • Assign the right people to the jobs

Three easy steps

Get a 360° overview of your entire planning process.

Always know who is available (1)

See who's free

Easily compare the availabilities of your crew and vehicles across a timeline view.


Request availabilites

Plan ahead by inviting your crew members to fill in their availabilities even before you’ve confirmed your upcoming events.


Manage your crew

Let your team manage their schedules with free user accounts, assign them tasks, and communicate with them on the go.


Collaborate with multiple people (1)

Build schedules in minutes

Use drag-and-drop features to build schedules and identify what needs to be done. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.

Schedule the right crew, at the right times, across different roles or locations. Assign crew members different tags to help you easily spot the right person for the job.


Send invitations in record time

Inviting someone is as simple as selecting a job, finding the right person(s) and sending out the request.

Invite multiple crew members and decide if it’s first come, first served, or send batches of invites based on the quality of crew needed.

Invite Crew (1)

Share files and job instructions

Send your crew members all of the files and information they need to complete a job.


Receive notifications in real-time

Whether you send out work invites, schedules or documents. Your team will stay updated in real-time on any device.


Handle changes with ease

Is someone off sick? Easily shift their tasks to another crew member. You can reduce or expand the duration of any job by simply dragging and dropping it.

Project progress status (1)

Stay on top of your projects

No surprises. Know exactly what is happening.

Access all the information you need to guide your event down the path to success.

  • Visualize step-by-step overviews to track real-time progress
  • Spot shortages and unfinished tasks ahead of time
  • Quickly follow up on unconfirmed quotes or pending invoices
  • Make informed decisions to solve pending tasks
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Stay on top of last-minute changes (1)

Trust that everything goes according to plan

Handle last-minute setbacks like a pro.

Whether the location changes or a crew member cancels last minute, Rentman helps you track sudden changes and get the insights you need to keep your projects running smoothly.

  • Live event overviews
  • Change schedules in one click
  • Update crew members in seconds
  • Never overbook or double book
  • Everything you need in one place

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Always listening, constantly improving

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Get your processes up and running with a personalized implementation plan designed to make using Rentman as easy as 1,2,3.

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Need some more guidance? No matter your role, we’ve got you covered with training sessions tailored to your needs.

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No matter the size, complexity, location or timeline of your event, with Rentman you get it done.


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audiovisual rental & production  •  6 employees

The simple layout of Rentman really makes the whole planning and scheduling process much more efficient.

Anders Magnusson - Mevida

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That's not all

More crew scheduling features

Crew database
Easily view the rates, skills, and availabilities of all your crew members – that way, you always schedule the right person for the job.
Automated invitations
Prepare your schedules fast by inviting crew members to fill in their availability for a specific function.
Calendar sync
Stay organized and synchronize your personal calendar with Rentman, so you have everything in one view.
Visible & invisible planning
Organize crew schedules in advance that are invisible to your crew members until you share it with them.
Tasks, files and notes sharing
Send your crew members all of the information they need to complete a job.
Time registration
Keep track of all the hours your crew members have worked.

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