Manage your entire team - all in one platform.

Dozens of emails. Hundreds of text messages. Time wasted on the phone going back and forth with crew members. It’s time for a change. Flipping through multiple tools won’t get the job done. Centralize your workflow in one platform and start planning the right crew to your next event in minutes with Rentman. 

  • See who’s available for your next event
  • Plan the right crew members to gigs
  • Communicate with your crew on the go

Crew Scheduling Software

Cloud-based software to plan, book, and manage your crew.

Access important information about your crew in one central platform.
  • Store crew member data in the cloud
  • See your crew's skills, experience and more
  • Spot crew availabilities and bookings in one go 
Build accurate schedules by booking the right crew member to your upcoming events.
  • Invite crew to jobs based on their availabilities
  • Let crew members book themselves to gigs via a Job Board
  • Get your rosters automatically updated whenever a crew member accepts a job invite 
Get everything you need to manage your crew and stay on top of your business operations.
  • Track the time your crew clocks in per gig
  • Control the information a crew member can see or edit in Rentman
  • Sync your calendar to Rentman to centralize your entire schedule

Crew Availability

See which crew member is available for an upcoming gig

Stop switching between different tools to figure out who’s free for your next event. Get the information you need to plan crew members with ease in one central platform.

  • Cloud-based database of your entire crew
  • Visualize crew shortages ahead of time
  • Centralized crew planning workflow

Crew Schedules

Book the right crew to your job

Put an end to the days of going back and forth over the phone to confirm which of your crew members is booked for a job. Start streamlining your workflow by leveraging tools designed to make your crew planning process as smooth as it can be.

  • Let crew members sign up to jobs through your personal Job Board
  • Choose between bulk and personalized job invitations 
  • Let Rentman update your job rosters for you everytime a crew member accepts a job invitation

Crew Reports

360° reporting for your crew

Start using cloud-based solutions that automate all of your crew reporting processes in real time. 

  • Keep a cloud-based log of your crew’s work schedules
  • Digitally track your crew’s worked hours
  • Stay on top of the hours your crew punches into a job

More Features

Crew Scheduling Software


Let your crew apply to gigs you post up to a job board

Save time getting your crew to fill up your rosters by having them use Rentman’s Job Board. 

  • Book your crew to jobs without sending each one a manual invitation
  • Minimize back-and-forth phone calls and email communication
  • Cut your crew scheduling time in half by automating your team’s booking workflow
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Communicate important event details with your crew 

Keep your crew informed of important job openings and let them respond to invitations and more via Rentman’s mobile app. 

  • Update your crew on any last-minute changes to booked gigs
  • Share important details about upcoming events 
  • Remain in touch with your crew both in and out of the office

Keep track of the time your crew clocks in on the job

Stay on top of all the hours your crew works so you can quickly process their payroll and stay compliant with local labor laws. 

  • Keep a digital log of all the hours your crew works
  • Allow your crew to clock into a job through Rentman’s mobile app 
  • Simplify the calculation of night-shifts, half-day rates and more for crew payroll
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Chris Lawson - Luevo

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We've been using Rentman for 10 years and at this point, we cannot live without it.

Pim Muller - M&S Showtechniek

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