Crew & Transport Management

Crew & Transport Management

Solve the puzzle, without the hours of admin.

See the skills of your crew members, schedule them to jobs, manage vehicle allocation and handle communication, all in one place.

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What we do

Reduce the chaos of managing complex teams.

Spot shortages & double bookings.

Create effective work schedules by getting a clear picture of your team's availability, open shifts, and workload.

Fill empty shifts quickly.

Use automated invitations to save hours on communication and fill empty shifts quickly.

Time tracking
Stay compliant with labor laws.

Track worked hours, manage sick leaves, and be sure that your crew is always being paid correctly.

Get the visibility you need

Plan, track, and staff events without the last-minute rush.

Find the right crew for every job.

Store important data for every crew member and freelancer in one place: work history, reputation, rates, qualifications, and certified skills.


  • Create an ‘A-team’ of your best staff
  • Store frequently used documents requested by clients (passport copies, certificates)
  • Keep track of past enrollments, communication, and worked hours

Build schedules in minutes.

Use drag-and-drop features to build schedules and identify what needs to be done. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.


  • Fill shifts quickly
  • Copy & paste recurring jobs
  • Get real-time visibility into labor costs
  • Manage last-minute changes

Spend 70% less time on communication.

Your team lives on their phones—so should everything they need to be successful at work.


  • Send multiple invitations in one go 
  • Share important documents with crew
  • Reduce back-and-forth communication
  • Use job boards to let crew members assign themselves to jobs

Equip every job with the right vehicles.

Store information about your entire fleet in one place and be sure that the right vehicles are always assigned to the right jobs.


  • See which vehicles are available
  • Filter or sort vehicles by maximum capacity (volume or weight)
  • Know how to allocate your vehicles across different jobs
  • Identify the best delivery routes with our Routetitan integration

Ditch chaotic spreadsheets.

Track worked hours, wage costs, and profits to make sure your teams are running on budget.


  • Be sure that your crew is paid correctly
  • Automate complex pay calculations for overtime
  • Connect Rentman to Quickbooks, Xero, or your preferred accounting software

No more spreadsheets. No more headaches.

What sets our staffing solution apart.

Easy to implement
Use templates to import your existing data from spreadsheets or other software and get your operations up and running quickly.
Free access for crew
Crew members and freelancers have access to free basic accounts to stay up-to-date on daily tasks, schedule changes and respond to job invites on the go.
Free global support
Need some help? No worries — our customer experience team is always here for you — no matter what the question is.
Constantly improving
We value our customers’ feedback and believe that by working together, we can achieve success. It's our mission to make your job easier.
Designed for your industry
Put your trust in a brand built by experts in the AV & Event industry that understands how you work.
Help you stay compliant
Stay compliant with tough labor laws by showing that everyone is being paid correctly, have taken the right breaks, and is been paid for overtime.

Made for you - and your team

Promote cross-team collaboration.


Multiple views allow planners to control every step of the planning process. See availabilities, filter crew based on the needed skills or expertise, and assign suitable crew members to job functions.


  • Filter for projects that require your attention
  • Track skills and history of crew & freelancers
  • Collaborate with multiple planners on the same schedule
  • Keep your schedules temporarily hidden from your crew
Crew / Freelancers

Keep all work-related communication in one place so everything you need is always within reach.


  • Respond to job invites on the go
  • Indicate work availability and vacations
  • See contact details from other people on the job
  • Get 24/7 access to job instructions, upcoming shifts, schedule changes and daily tasks
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Project managers

Deliver profitable projects by ensuring that you're always charging your customers the right prices for your crew.


  • Track labor costs and calculate overtime
  • Automate complex wage calculations
  • Be sure that every job is staffed with the right crew
  • Keep every project within budget
Accounting & Finance

Match invoices received from freelancers to work that has been done. Then, choose your preferred format when exporting invoices.


  • Manage labor invoices
  • Get an overview of upcoming invoices
  • Automate complex pay calculations for overtime
  • Connect Rentman with to QuickBooks, Xero or your preferred accounting software
incoming labor invoices

Save hours of your time. Try Rentman for free.

  • Free 30-day trial
  • No credit card required
  • Access to unlimited features

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