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Generate financial documents in seconds and turn proposals into quotes your customers will approve of.

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From inquiry to quote in minutes

Q_I_1-Set up project details

Create a quote in a few simple steps

Greatly increase the speed of quoting by connecting all of your project data.

Start by filling out the basic details and stored information from your client database. Add equipment items as well as jobs and let Rentman do the math to show the totals for your project.

Speed up recurring rentals

Create proposals and contracts in no time using pre-built templates based on previous projects.

Q_I_2-Adjust pricing details

Confidently forecast and see a full pricing breakdown

For every project quote, you get a full breakdown of your project costs, revenue, and discounts. Alter any details to charge the right price and know exactly what margin you are making. Rentman automatically calculates totals and taxes so you can quote with confidence.

Q_I_3-Generate and send aout your quote

Click for a beautiful quote

In Rentman you can generate a quote in less time than it takes you to read this sentence.

Select from multiple templates to only show the information your client needs to see.

Confirm online with E-signature

Send out your quotes or contracts directly and let clients sign digitally to get projects off the ground faster.

Receive a notification when your quote has been accepted and start planning.

partial payments for website 2

Allow your customers to pay in installments

Do you have any customers who would rather pay in installments? Or do you have customers that need to spread out their payments from time to time? 

With Rentman, you can easily register installments and keep track of outstanding balances.

  • Register installments from your customers
  • Show payments (installments) and unpaid balances on the same invoice
  • Keep track of unpaid invoices, outstanding balances, and due dates
Find out more about Partial Payments

Creating a quote in Rentman is done in no time and we can easily make adjustments to it.

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Q_I_Create quotes your customers appreciate

Create quotes your customers appreciate

  • Show or hide any element of your choice

    Show every item or just make sure your clients only see the relevant information they need.

  • Use your own branding

    Add images, personal texts and use your corporate branding to make your proposals easily recognizable.

  • Customize any detail

    With Rentman’s built-in template editor you can create any document the way you imagine them.

  • Get quotes accepted directly

    Let clients approve a proposal in your own branded webpage.

Q&I_5-Open invoices

Keep track of invoicing

  • Know what to invoice

    Keep track of invoice moments and post event customer charges.

  • Send reminders

    Make sure you get paid by keeping track of invoice reminders.

  • Get paid faster

    Let your customers pay invoices directly online with our Stripe integration.

    Online payments with Stripe

Quoting & Invoicing features

Template editor
With Rentman’s built-in template editor, you can set up advanced templates to automatically create documents for each occasion.
Export your financial documents and information on ledger code level to use for your accounting.
Bookkeeping integration
Connect Rentman to QuickBooks Online to automatically export your invoices. You can also export your invoices to a .xml or .xlsx file and import it to your bookkeeping software.

Create quality financial documents in less time

Start automating your financial document generation today