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Our dedicated support team strives to answer most questions within an hour and always within a day. We charge no additional fees for support.

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Your database receives hourly backups to ensure your data is safe. In case something happens, we revert your account to the most recent backup to prevent data-loss.

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Commonly asked questions about our pricing

Can I change my subscription?
Yes, you can change your subscription at any time. In our Support Center you can find more information on how to do it: Upgrade or downgrade your license.

What plan is right for me?
With Rentman you can pay as you grow. What plan suits your company is dependent on activities and size. Explore our licenses in detail to find out what license suits your business.

Can I cancel my subscription at any moment?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We will then send you a confirmation. Your subscription ends after the expiry of the period stated on the last invoice sent.

How can I pay and what are the conditions?
We accept credit card payments for all plans. All stated prices exclude applicable taxes. See our terms & conditions for more information.

How long are your contracts?
We offer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly subscriptions for all our packages. You can cancel or make changes to your plan at any time (but note that refunds are not provided for downgrades or cancellations).

What are power users?
Power users plan equipment, schedule crew, and create financial documents. Staff focused on the execution of tasks (e.g. warehouse staff, technicians, freelancers) are free, basic users. User roles can be configured in your workspace to determine what exactly a power user or any user can do and see in the software. For both the Equipment Scheduling and Crew Scheduling products, you need to be a power user to create and edit projects, as well as schedule equipment/crew on these projects. Within the Quoting and Invoicing add-on, you need to be a power user to create and edit financial documents.

Please note: For every power user you pay the same price regardless of what that power user needs access to in the software.

How many power users do I need?
The number of power users depends on how many of your team members are involved in planning, quoting, and invoicing projects. More about the rights and permissions of power users.

Do I pay for support and/or setup?
A free support plan is included in every license. This includes first-line support, a self-service academy, and community advice. We also offer training and services for businesses that need some extra help or require a more custom support plan. See our training & services for more information.


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