Fast and efficient security staff scheduling software

Are you still using emails, phone calls or text messages to contact your crew and see who is available to work? Save up to 70% of your time by using Rentman and reduce communication channels to one!

Manage all the communication with your staff in one place and make sure every person is at the right place at the right time!

  • Save time and reduce back-and-forth communication
  • Let guards access their schedules 24/7 from any device
  • Update staff about last-minutes changes in real-time
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Everybody has access to the right information at any moment. With all the information in one place, we have better control and can work much more efficient.

Addie van den Berg Owner, Ocean Entertainment

always know who is available

Always know who is available to work

Figuring out who is available to work a shift has never been easier! Let your security staff add their availabilities, and you have the option to only invite staff members that have indicated that they are available.

  • Give your crew the option to proactively indicate their availabilites
  • Send (bulk)invites to selected staff members
  • Use in-app notifications for invites and let employees respond to job invitations from the app
schedules and tasks - mobile app

Access schedules and tasks at any time

Rentman’s scheduling software is cloud-based and can be used at any time and from any device. The mobile app allows for easy access to tasks and schedules within a project from any location.

  • Let security staff view their schedules on the go with the Rentman Mobile App
  • Keep track of the hours your staff worked by letting them clock-in and out with the app
  • Save time by reducing communication tools to one
multiple locations

Schedule staff across multiple locations

Chances are you don't only need to plan staff for one event, but instead there are multiple events happening at the same time.

Use Rentman to keep track of where every security guard is, so you’re never short-staffed and nobody is double-booked.

  • Keep track of who is working at which event
  • Manage security staff across multiple events in one place
  • Avoid overlaps, overtime and double bookings
up-to-date last minute changes

Stay up-to-date with last-minute changes

Make sure your staff is always informed about any changes made to their schedules. Did the location change? Is the event starting earlier than planned? Did the dress code change? Your crew will be the first to know!

  • Security staff will receive notifications about changes in their planning
  • Rentman tracks who is affected by the changes, and only notifies those staff members
  • Don’t spam your staff with notifications, only communicate new or updated information

Use tags and filters to always find the perfect staff member within seconds

Keep track of skills, languages or certificates of your staff with tags, so you can quickly find the right crew member when planning an event.

Do they need to have a driver's license, a specific qualification, be able to work on Saturdays, and be specialized in crowd control? Use tags to find the right staff in a blink of an eye!

  • Add customized tags to simplify and speed up your scheduling process
  • Filter your security staff based on previously assigned tags

More security scheduling features

Define your own fields
Define what you additionally want to register about your security staff, and group those fields into logical sections.
Move complete schedules to a new date
You can shift the whole planning to a few days later without going over each individual job function.
Rest between shifts
Use the timeline view to see if there is enough rest between shifts.
Integration with other tools
Export your invoices to Quickbooks, Xero or build your own integration with our API.
Reports and statistics
See who you planned the most, and on which projects you have the most margin.
Tours and bigger projects
Split bigger projects per area or venue, or work with bigger tours in subprojects.

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Manage all communication with your security staff from one single platform

With Rentman you’ll save up to 70% of the time you spend on scheduling your security staff. Plan any time and from any device.