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What we do

Simplify equipment management with real-time insights.

Reduce inventory mistakes
  • Quickly set up your inventory
  • Bundle items into groups
  • Assign equipment to stock locations
  • Manage repairs and lost items
Know if you can take on more jobs
  • Always know what you have in stock
  • Track stock movements and avoid double bookings
  • Check equipment availability with a quick search
Increase your ROI
  • Know all the details about your equipment
  • Track depreciation of your gear
  • Generate reports to make better purchasing decisions

Three easy steps

Get a 360° overview to optimize stock movements.

EP_Ensure equipment goes out complete

Set up your inventory

Setting up your inventory in Rentman is easy. Simply fill in your equipment lists by importing your existing data from Excel or other software solutions.


Bundle equipment and accessories into groups

Streamline the rental process by bundling equipment often rented out together into combinations, ensuring that all items are readily available in one go.

Equipment planning

Check your inventory in seconds

Whether the equipment is in one location or five, check availability in an instant via Rentman’s quick search. Meaning no more double bookings or rental mistakes. Take on more jobs with confidence and knowledge.


Manage repairs, losses, and inspections

Register repairs via an item’s serial number and charge the damage as a surcharge if needed. Ensuring accountability and cost recovery. In addition, quickly schedule inspections to make sure planned equipment is always in perfect condition.

Insights into equipment usage, costs and profits

Extensive equipment information at your fingertips

With just a few clicks, retrieve complete data about each of your items. From cost to usage, associated warranty, and depreciation data. Enabling you to make informed decisions, track asset performance, and effectively manage your inventory.


Easy reporting capabilities

Armed with statistics about each item and its usage, you can make better-informed purchasing decisions. Generate reports based on item data, so you know exactly what to buy or sell next.

Equipment timeline

Access valuable information at a glance

Take on more jobs with confidence.

Access all the information you need to ensure every production has all the right equipment available.

  • Visualize inventory availability in three clicks.
  • See in-depth details about each piece of equipment.
  • Use timelines to keep track of stock movements across dates.
  • Prevent double bookings and equipment shortages via a quick search.
Assign equipment to multiple stock locations-same warehouse- EN

Know what’s going on across multiple locations

No more inventory mistakes.

No matter the location of your inventory, know its history, movements, and availability at any moment.

  • Easily access stock levels and equipment information across every warehouse.
  • No need to check multiple spreadsheets to know what’s ready to use.
  • Know the status and availability of all your gear. No matter its location.
  • Schedule routine repairs moments when an item is returned broken. Ensure every item is in top shape for its next event.
Keep costs under control

Better equipment insights lead to more money in your pocket

Increase your company’s ROI.

Armed with more information, you can make better booking and purchasing decisions. Ensuring every penny spent is for a valuable cause.

  • Track your gear’s depreciation so you know what might need to be replaced in the near future.
  • Get an overview of your most and least used gear to know what item to buy next.
  • Keep track of items that needed the most repairs and aim to prevent that with your next purchase.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers say


audiovisual rental & production  •  6 employees

The simple layout of Rentman really makes the whole planning and scheduling process much more efficient. It really is the complete package that makes renting out equipment and all related processes so much easier.

Anders Magnusson - Mevida

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That's not all

More equipment management features

Generate packing lists
Create detailed packing slips for your warehouse crew. Ensuring it’s clear what items need to be picked, packed, and loaded.
Assign equipment to stock locations
Assign your equipment to the right stock locations. Add QR codes and serial numbers to each item to help you track its location at all times.
Serialize your inventory
Register each of your items and track their movements. Enabling you to see its specific history, maintenance records, and usage patterns.
Warehouse transfers
Easily move equipment from one location to another to prepare for busy periods or cater to a customer’s needs.
Add custom fields
Store technical details for each piece of equipment. Ensuring everyone’s aware of important handling information.
Add digital signatures
Ensure all of your equipment has been packed by adding mandatory e-signatures to packing lists.

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