Forecast your event expenses and profits.

Rentman provides tailored insights that help scale your event business.

Forecast event expenses and predict your profits

Say goodbye to

Cost silos

70% of event companies store business data across multiple tools.

Forecasting issues

You struggle to see whether projects are profitable or go over budget.

Scaling struggles

3 out of 5 event companies lack insights into their business processes.

Say hello to Rentman

Manage expenses and forecast profits sustainably

Accurately estimate your expenses

Avoid last-minute expenses by automating how you calculate event costs.


  • Automatically calculate equipment rental, crew, and transportation costs.
  • Compare forecasted expenses to actual spending per event.
  • Include additional costs in a single overview.

Calculate your profit per event in seconds

Rentman automatically tells you the profit you’ll make on your expected event costs.


  • View profit breakdowns from equipment, crew, and transportation.
  • See how discounts affect your profits.
  • Calculate extra costs like tax or deposits.

Access insights to scale your business

Get the insights you need to execute profitable events and grow your business.


  • See data on your rented equipment and most profitable customers.
  • Build dashboards for gear repair requests.
  • Compare project profits to make better decisions.

Trusted by 250,000 event professionals.

Predict your expenses and get the insights you need to scale your event business with Rentman.

From the industry, for the industry

Built for every member of your team

Business Owners

Build for business owners

Get a complete view of your business and take things to the next level.


  • Identify opportunities to boost revenue and reduce costs.
  • Create data-driven dashboards to analyze performance.
  • Streamline operations and boost team productivity.
Account Managers

Built for account managers

Equip yourself with the insights needed to improve every aspect of your workflow.


  • Plan and forecast expenses with automated calculations.
  • Adjust discounts for special customers on the go.
  • Reduce last-minute expenses and unforeseen costs.
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Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers say.


event production & design  •  5 employees

With Rentman we are saving probably around 30 to 40% of our time that we can now invest into value-added areas that help us deliver higher quality events.

Andrew Latimer - Renegade Events

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