8 things to include in a video production quote

8 things to include in a video production quote

Video production is a process that requires a lot of research and preparation.

As a production company or a freelance videographer, one of the first things that you get asked from prospective clients is for a video production quote.

This question comes in many different forms:

‘How much would it cost to produce a 5-minute video?’

‘How much do you charge on average for a commercial?’

‘What’s the average budget you work with?’’

It is easy to understand why they would ask these questions. However, this can be rather difficult to answer if you don’t have any details about the project you are going to shoot.

A video production quote can be used to break down the entire video production process into different steps along with their associated costs to give your client a clear overview of what he should expect to pay for the output that he desires.

In this article, you will discover 8 things that you should include in your video production quote along with a free quotation sample to help get you started.


1. What is a video production quote?
2. 8 things to include in a video production quote?
3. Download our free video production quote template
4. How to streamline your video production process with Rentman



1. What is a video production quote?



A video production quote is a document used in the media industry to show prospective clients how much you plan to charge them for your video services.

Unlike a video production estimate, a video production quote is sent after you have agreed on the project scope with the potential client and agreed on milestones for deliverables, total costs, and payment terms.

Once you send your client the video production quote, it is important that you receive written confirmation from him/her before you begin any work. You should also keep in mind that the costs that are mentioned in the quote can change as the project requirements evolve. You would need to discuss this with your client in the event it happens.

Once he/she agrees to the terms that were mentioned in the quote, you can then send him/her an invoice to request payment. After the amount on the invoice is paid, a receipt would complete the business transaction.


Benefits of using a video production quote

Drafting a video production quote can take a lot of time and effort due to all of the details that should be included in one. Sometimes you may think that you can just skip this step, but using this document can be hugely beneficial to the way you run your business.


Here are 5 reasons why should use a video production quote:

  • it ensures that you and the client are on the same page,
  • it opens a line of communication,
  • it helps you break down the requirements for the job,
  • it allows you to plan ahead for cash flow,
  • it proves why you are a great choice for the project.



2. 8 things to include in a video production quote

Managing video production involves dealing with a wide range of tasks, workflows, teams, and contributors that have different roles in the video production process.

Without a clear structure, it is easy for your client to struggle to understand their roles and responsibilities.

It is therefore important to break down your video production process into different steps along with their associated costs to give your client a clear overview of what he/she should expect to pay. Remember! Before starting to work on a more formal quote, it's always important that your client accepts your video production estimate. If the customer accepts the potential outline of the project (based on your estimate), it will give you more assurance that the client will accept the actual quote in the end!


Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of what you should include in your video production quote.



Planning and pre-production

The first stage of the video production process is planning and pre-production. Here is where you will map out the plan for your video, decide on what resources you’ll need to get the video made, and how long the production period will be.

During this stage, storyboards and scripts are written, casting is done and filming locations are scouted.

Here you can list the video production costs breakdown of the above-mentioned tasks along with the billable hours of producers, writers, and directors for example.



On-location production

Once you have finished planning all of the steps of your project in the pre-production phase, it’s time to start filming your video, this is known as the production stage.

Based on the work that was done in the pre-production stage, you should have a reliable estimation of how long this stage will take and who should be involved. And as a producer or director, your job is to ensure things run as close to that schedule as possible.

During this stage, you can list the billable hours of actors, directors, and crew members for example.

You can also list the equipment that was rented for lighting, sound, and filming along with the crew members that operated them.




Post-production is the final and crucial stage of the production process, which can extend over a period of a few weeks to several months, depending on the project's scope and budget.

At times, the video may not turn out as originally envisioned during the shoot. During the post-production phase, editors have the opportunity to meticulously assemble the footage, shot by shot, and add sound to video, including music, and incorporate visual and sound effects.

Furthermore, this phase provides an excellent opportunity for marketers to prepare their promotional materials. These materials can encompass a wide range of content, including social media posts, website updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews.

In this stage, it's essential to account for billable hours for various professionals such as editors, sound engineers, directors, and producers, among others.



Deliverables refer to the final product that you will hand over to the client.

The final product can be one 2-minute video and two 30-second videos for example.

Including deliverables is important because it ensures that the client knows exactly what his/her end product will look like.



Casting and talent

Casting involves choosing actors to fill specific roles in your project.

Here you can list expenses linked to the casting process. This may include auditioning, screen tests, and callbacks, and how much you plan on paying actors for example.

You can choose to list this separately or under planning and pre-production.



Crew members are often split into two categories: “above-the-line members” and “below-the-line members”.

Above-the-line members contribute to the creative influence of the project. They often have a high level of power and authority and include roles such as producers, writers, and directors.

Whereas, below-the-line members are responsible for the physical production of the project.

This includes everyone else in the production crew and is generally divided by profession into departments.

You can choose to list this separately or under pre-production and on-location production.




There’s no denying it, managing video production and live events requires using lots of equipment. Just like crew members, the amount of gear you use can scale up or down depending on the size of the project.

Here you can list how much it will cost you to rent the necessary equipment for the project. You can also include a more detailed version of this in a separate attachment.

Of course, this can be reviewed as the needs for the project evolves. You should discuss this with your client in the event it happens.

You can choose to list this separately or under on-location production and post-production.



Location scouting is an important part of the pre-production stage that involves finding the right places to shoot the scenes of your project.

In some cases, a good location can make or break a shoot, which is why it can be worth splurging on this element.

You can choose to list this separately or under planning and pre-production.



3. Download our free video production quote template

Now that you know what a video production quote is and what it should include, here is a free video production quote sample to get you started.

Video production quote template

Now, you can start quoting your video production work 🎉.

However, you should keep in mind that when your business starts growing, you will find it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to keep filling in this information by hand.

Why not use a dedicated tool that can translate your production planning into a professional quote with your own branding?



4. How to streamline your video production process with Rentman

As your business grows and you start passing new milestones, it is important for you to work with tools that can grow at the same pace.

Rentman is a scalable rental management software designed to help production and event companies manage their entire workflow in a single platform.

You can choose different licenses and features depending on how many yearly projects you complete and the type of planning you need to achieve. This allows you to smoothly upgrade your software package as the business grows and easily add more resources as you take them on.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider upgrading to Rentman for your video production quotes:


Create quotes your customers appreciate.

Your quote doesn’t have to just be a list of line items and their associated prices based on a standard video production pricing sheet.

With our built-in template editor, you can set up advanced templates to automatically create documents for each occasion with your own branding.

Add images, personal texts, contact information, and use your corporate branding to make your quotes easily recognizable.


Bring your next video production to life faster

Save time by organizing your equipment, crew, transport, documents, and files in one place to speed up collaboration.

Track inventory availability, generate quotes, and issue invoices in one place – from any location.

Communicate with your staff, and generate packing lists for your warehouse crew.


Work on the go

In Rentman you can generate a quote in less time than it takes you to read this sentence 😎.

Send out your quotes or contracts directly and let your clients sign digitally to get projects off the ground faster. Receive a notification when your quote has been accepted and start planning.

Still not sure if we’re the right match for you? Here’s how we helped Mevida streamline its activities.

Start a free trial today!


Disclaimer: The content listed in a video production quote may vary depending on the country that you are residing in and the laws and regulations that apply there. Rentman will not be held responsible for any damages that you or any party might suffer as a result of using the template provided in this article.



What people ask

  • What is a video production quote?
    A video production quote is a detailed document that outlines the expected expenses for a video project. It includes project specifics, cost breakdown, deliverables, payment terms, conditions, and contact information. It often features branding elements for a professional appearance.
  • What should a video production quote look like?
    A video production quote should encompass project details, cost breakdown, deliverables, payment terms, and contact information. It may also include branding elements for a professional touch.
  • When should you use a video production quote?
    Video production quotes are best suited for formalizing cost estimates after both parties have settled on the project's scope, objectives, and vital particulars. This document ensures transparency and clarity in the project agreement, offering protection and guidance for both the client and the service provider.
  • What is the average cost of video production?
    Video production costs vary widely based on project complexity. Simple projects can cost a few thousand dollars, while complex ones can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Discuss specifics with a professional for an accurate estimate.
  • How to create a video production quote in Rentman
    Did you know that you can create a free 30-day trial on Rentman? Try Rentman today and create your first video production quote in just seconds! To create a quote in Rentman, simply go to the configuration module and select 'Document templates' under 'Customer communication'. You will have two options, either choose one of the many template options Rentman offers, or try creating and customizing a template yourself. It's that simple!

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