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How Arendje coped with logistical problems, saved time, and started to deliver with confidence using Rentman

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"Every second that can be saved is a win. With Rentman we’ve lowered our time spendings on all stages of the process, and we are 100% sure we can deliver the next day."

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About Arendje

Arendje Verhuur, based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands), is a one-stop shop for every party: from a private garden celebration to a large festival. They act as a subrental supplier for many party & event rental companies, but individuals can also order from their webshop. The company handles more than 20,000 projects per year, which entails specific logistical challenges.


Logistical & accuracy challenges 

As one of the biggest party & event rental companies in the south of the Netherlands, Arendje Verhuur handles a large number of items in stock and contributes to a high volume of projects each year. With so many projects, one can imagine that the logistical challenges are substantial. Think about picking orders, cleaning equipment, transport & crew planning, and handling pick-ups and returns from customers, to name a few.

In addition, Arendje was not always sure that they could actually deliver the requested items. Figuring this out took a lot of time and created a sense of uncertainty for them as a party & event rental company.

A good specific example for Arendje is transport. We do not plan vehicles per project, but look at how many projects fit into one vehicle and what the optimal route is for that vehicle.

Roderik Mutsaers Owner of Arendje Verhuur.


Arendje started using Rentman in 2019, while they were looking to save time on their processes. Nowadays, their complete rental process, from the shopping cart to delivery and return, is digitalized and connected to Rentman. Most customers place their order through the website and receive a quotation just in minutes. All the process, from the product information in the webshop to ordering and receiving a quotation, is now synced with Rentman.

Next up is the account manager who uses Rentman to check the availability of the ordered items and, if needed, transport. Getting access to this information just takes a couple of minutes and guarantees that the delivery can be made. The project is accepted, and the invoice is sent. All with the support of the Equipment Scheduling module and the Quoting and Invoicing add-on of Rentman.

The warehouse crew and drivers all use Rentman app for the operational part of the project. Confirmed projects directly appear in the app, so the warehouse crew can start picking and packing the order. Statuses can be changed in the app as the project moves to the next phase, and movements in the warehouse can be overseen.

Once the project is delivered to its location, the client can sign for delivery. Also using the Rentman app. And when the items return to the warehouse, the app is used again to check if every single item is returned, in what state and to see what the next step for the item is (cleaning, repair, back to storage, for example).

Arendje uses an external program for planning transport, because they need to fit multiple projects into one vehicle and determine the most efficient route. This program is fueled by Rentman’s data. Every detail needed is exported from Rentman.



After implementing Rentman, Arendje started to save time on managing and handling their projects. Time they can now use to make the next step and take the quality of their items and services to an even higher level. As a result, the focus has shifted from saving time to gaining more accuracy.

What the use of Rentman has done for Arendje Verhuur so far:

  • Processing a complex project from order to quotation to approval takes 2 to 3 minutes in comparison to 10-15 minutes before. 
  • Processing a simple project (without transport) takes about just 10 seconds.
  • More insights into the availability of items and vehicles, resulting in more accurate delivery.
  • Next day delivery.
  • Digitized and streamlined operational workflow. 

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