Warehouse automation trends 2024 and how to implement them
warehouse automation

These are the warehouse automation trends 2024 and how to benefit from them


The landscape of warehousing and digital inventory management is evolving rapidly as we approach 2024. In a dynamic industry where size constraints, efficient storage solutions, and technological advancements continue to reshape the way we operate, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve.


1.  What are the warehouse automation trends 2024?
2.  How to implement the warehouse automation trends 2024


What are the warehouse automation trends 2024?

The era of digital warehousing has already started and keeps evolving fast. Be prepared for the future and know what’s coming your way in 2024. Let’s look at the 4 biggest trends in warehouse automation, based on our users’ insights and industry knowledge. 


Digital warehouses

As mentioned before, digitizing your warehouse is inevitable. It is the foundation for automating warehouse processes, saving time and cost, and enabling smooth operations.

Digitalizing your equipment and running processes in one place provides clear insights into what’s going on in your warehouse, what needs priority, and what is coming up next. Not only that, it also ensures smooth cooperation between different departments and making optimal use of your storage space.


Equipment tracking

As the rental industry is flourishing at the moment with loads of events, the need to know where your equipment is, where it will go next, and in what condition it is growing along. Because of high demand rental companies are yearning for solutions to help them keep track of every piece of equipment and minimize lost items. Making sure they use their equipment as optimally as possible and quickly anticipate challenges.


Inventory data

Data is gaining more and more territory in every industry, the rental industry is no exception. Insight into every detail of your equipment, from usage numbers to a history log or depreciation, helps warehouse managers keep up optimal warehouse stock levels and contributes to making smart decisions on how to invest in your inventory.


Internal warehouse logistics

Let’s not forget about the internal logistics of a warehouse. With a lot of events leaving and returning, you want to keep the peace inside the warehouse. Luckily, warehouse automation solutions help you keep a helicopter view of every project that’s going in or out and offer smart warehouse solutions on how to handle your projects efficiently.


Embracing AI

In the fast-paced world of warehouse technology, several exciting trends are emerging. AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, and automation are revolutionizing. Supply Chain 4.0 is set to transform logistics. Cloud computing and storage are enhancing connectivity and security. In the next two chapters we'll explore the technology trends of predictive analytics and blockchain.

Technology trends in warehouses: graph
Source: Statista

Predictive analytics for the warehouse

Predictive analytics is gaining ground in the party rental industry. Some companies employ this technology to measure individual performance and forecast warehouse capacity requirements based on upcoming projects. Predictive analytics allows businesses to anticipate the amount of handling needed to complete specific tasks, improving overall warehouse efficiency.

A feature similar to predictive analytics can be found in Rentman - smart planning suggestions. This feature suggests actions like shelving some items while setting others aside, reducing handling time and costs.


RFID implementation

RFID is a notable technology that can enhance tracking, locating, and managing inventory within a warehouse. It offers real-time visibility and can complement other automation trends discussed in this article. You can read more about RFID in our RFID report.

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How to implement the warehouse automation trends 2024

Now we know what’s important in the field of warehouse automation in 2024, it’s time to learn how to implement them and take your warehouse to new heights.


Cloud-based software solutions for a digital warehouse

The first step in digitizing your warehouse is investing in a cloud-based software solution. Setting up your inventory may cost some time in the beginning, but once it’s up and running, the benefits are countless.

Think of having insights into your equipment items, their data and whereabouts, communicating with your warehouse staff, making your warehouse operation run smoother than ever. All from one place and real-time access on various devices.

Read more about all the advantages Rentman’s Inventory Management software solution has to offer.


Equipment tracking methods

There are different ways to keep track of your equipment items. From using QR- or barcodes to RFID-tracking, there’s a method for every need and company size.

Gaining insight into your equipments location pays off in less lost, stolen or broken items, prevents mistakes, and gives you assurance that you can solve any problem with ease.

Read more about Rentman’s Equipment Tracking software solution and how it can help you get the most out of your equipment.


Digital inventory management

digital inventory management system should equip you with data insights, so you can optimize your inventory and make informed decisions on taking the next steps in automating your warehouse.

Inventory data provides insight in equipment usage, lost or broken gear, equipment shortages and often subrented equipment items for example. With this information you can easily answer questions like ‘what equipment to invest in’, ‘which items should I sell’ and ‘what equipment is available for projects’.

Find out more about Rentman’s Equipment Management software solution and start using your data wisely.


Optimize internal warehouse logistics

The internal warehouse processes can be a hassle, especially in peak season or when you have multiple stock locations and warehouses.

Make working in your warehouse easy and fun for your warehouse team, by giving them everything they need to know. Create packing slips, use scanners to process incoming and outgoing equipment, plan maintenance for equipment and solve equipment shortages in no-time.


The bottom line

The world of warehouse automationand digital inventory management is constantly evolving, driven by the need for efficient, space-saving solutions in an increasingly fast-paced industry. Businesses must carefully consider their specific needs and challenges when deciding which warehouse industry trends to embrace. The future of automated warehousing promises enhanced efficiency and adaptability for those willing to navigate the evolving landscape.

For more information on how Rentman can help streamline your digital inventory management and embrace these warehouse automation trends, visit Rentman's Inventory Management page.


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