Inventory Management Tools | Rentman Rental Software

Inventory management tools to grow your business

Optimize how you use your inventory with end-to-end tracking and detailed insight into stock levels and equipment status over time. 

Track inventory

With Rentman, you can keep a detailed track of equipment – on serial number level.

Create packages

Use various group options to make sure your equipment always goes out completely.

Anticipate on shortages

The visual planning in Rentman shows you immediately when a conflict occurs.
IM - Track equipment with QR-min

Track equipment with QR labels and/or barcodes

For each item, you can create individual serial numbers in Rentman. From there, you can track the movement of equipment by scanning with the Rentman mobile app.

IM - Repairs & losses

Manage repairs, losses, and inspections

Register repairs on serial number level and charge the damage as a surcharge if needed. Schedule inspections to make sure planned equipment is always in perfect condition.


With Rentman we have a better grip on our inventory. We know what’s available, broken, lost, and in need of service.

Christoffer Gustafsson CEO, One Audio AB

Simplify planning and control stock levels

Track items with serial numbers

Separate your inventory on serial number level and keep track of where each item has been.

Manage sales stock and orders

Visually keep track of your consumables stock and receive visual alerts when you reach a level of critical stock.

Export equipment data

Create custom exports for your equipment for stock counts, insurance needs or carnets.

Import your equipment list

Get started quickly by importing your current equipment data into Rentman.

QR and/or barcode scanning

Quickly book items in and out of the warehouse by simply scanning a code.

Generate carnets

Rentman makes it easy to create Carnets for inventory transport across borders.

Improve your inventory management

Start organizing and take control of your equipment