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Revolutionizing auditory experiences: the world's largest concert-grade audio system

The world is gearing up for a groundbreaking moment in entertainment technology. Sphere Entertainment and Holoplot partnered up for an audio marvel that promises to redefine the realm of immersive auditory experiences. At The Sphere they are accommodating a staggering 18,600 spectators, and it is set to feature the world's most largest fully integrated concert-grade audio system.

Concealed behind a massive LED display, this groundbreaking audio system, called 'Sphere Immersive Sound’, houses 1,600 permanently installed and 300 mobile Holoplot X1 Matrix Array loudspeaker modules. Which in turn contain no less than 167,000 amplified speaker drivers. This sophisticated technique enables audio engineers to create virtual sound origins with unparalleled precision, even making distant sounds feel as though they are right beside you. It delivers a consistent auditory experience for every member in the audience. 

Beyond its inspiring audio capabilities, The Sphere will also showcase patented 4D advancements, including the integration of infrasound haptic seating, as well as dynamic atmospheric and environmental effects such as gentle breezes, evocative scents, and fluctuating temperatures.


How does this impact your AV business?

The collaboration between Sphere Entertainment and Holoplot is set to disrupt the AV industry by fundamentally reshaping the landscape of immersive auditory experiences. The unveiling of the world's largest concert-grade audio system represents a technological leap forward and sends a clear message to the AV sector.

For companies in the AV industry it underscores the need for innovation and evolution. To remain competitive, firms must explore novel approaches that prioritize audio precision and immersion. Additionally, the integration of patented 4D advancements, such as infrasound haptic seating and dynamic environmental effects, emphasizes the growing demand for multi sensory experiences, encouraging industry players to adapt and enhance their offerings accordingly. As the boundaries of AV technology expand, the race to captivate audiences in new and compelling ways intensifies.

Bottom line, it is more important than ever to be aware of developments in the market in order to become or remain a relevant AV production house, whether it concerns new technological developments or changes in the expectations of customers and the public.

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