Warehouse Management | Rentman Rental Software

Optimize your Warehouse Efficiency

Rentman gives you an overview of what needs to be done in your warehouse and lets you process jobs quicker. Give your warehouse staff the tools to work smarter and make sure they are connected with the rest of the team.

Control your equipment flow

Always know which equipment needs to be packed, collected, returned or delayed.

Improve communication

Scan items in and out, add extra or alternative equipment and register repairs.

Increase productivity

Process digital packing lists with multiple workers at the same time.

Increase warehouse productivity

Generate packing slips, scan with your mobile device, communicate equipment changes directly to the office – Rentman has got you covered.

WM - Control your warehouse with Rentman Mobile

Control your warehouse with Rentman Mobile

  • Book equipment

    You can easily generate lists of what needs to be packed. With the Rentman app, you can book items, select alternatives, add extra equipment, and communicate this directly to project managers.

  • Scan items

    Equipment can be booked rapidly by scanning QR and barcodes with your mobile device or laser scanner.

  • Track inventory

    With Rentman you can generate your QR code labels from the system. Keep track of each serial number’s location and build up a complete history for your items.

    Inventory Management
  • Report repairs and lost items

    Received back a broken item? Simply create a new repair from the app and choose if you charge the damage on the invoice.

    Repairs & Inspections

With Rentman we can make more efficient packing lists and easily see where each item is coming from

Bart Reijns Project Manager, L&L Stage Service

Generate packing lists that work for your company

  • Virtual packing lists

    Rentman’s virtual packing lists show you in real-time what needs to be done and can be processed by dragging-and-dropping or scanning.

  • Printed packing lists

    Choose your preferred layout and control how you want to sort your packing lists.

  • Customize format and layout

    Rentman’s build-in template editor helps you customize every detail to get to the packing list that works best for you and your team.

  • Add digital sign option

    Want to get a confirmation if all equipment is packed? Add an e-signature form to your packing lists.

More features for your warehouse management

Add alternatives

Missing an item on the shelf? You can directly add an alternative by scanning or selecting it from the database.

Bulk booking

Book multiple items in one go with a single swipe in the Rentman Mobile app.

Invoice additional equipment

Keep up with last-minute customer requests by adding extra items in the warehouse and ensuring they are added to the invoice.

Start improving your warehouse management

Make work easier for you and your warehouse crew