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Get availabilities, build schedules and communicate with your crew in a quick and easy way.

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Bring more clarity to your work
Keep a bird's-eye view on your scheduling tasks and easily spot what needs to be done.
Automate time-consuming tasks
Build schedules and send invitations to your crew members in minutes.
Spend less time communicating
Assign tasks, share files and job instructions to keep your crew members updated at all times.

How it works

CS_1-Get availabilities-EN

See who's available

Easily select crew members and vehicles to compare their availability with your jobs in a timeline view.


Request availabilites

Invite your crew members to fill in their availability - with the option of not giving them information about the job.


Create personal calendars

Let your crew members manage their personal schedules, appointments and availabilities with free user accounts.


C&TS_2-Schedule interactively

Build schedules in minutes

Use drag and drop features to build schedules and identify what needs to be done. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.

Schedule the right crew, at the right times, across different roles or locations. By storing skills with tags and filters, you make sure to always schedule the best person for the job.


Send invitations in record time

Inviting someone is as simple as selecting a job, finding the right person(s) and sending out the request.

Invite multiple crew members and decide if it’s first come first serve or send batches of invites based on the quality of crew needed.

C&TS_1-Track who is available

Share files and job instructions

Send your crew members all of the files and information they need to complete a job.


Receive notifications in real-time

Whether you send out work invites, schedules or documents. Your team will stay updated in real-time on any device.


Handle changes with ease

Is someone off sick? Easily shift their tasks to another crew member. You can reduce or expand the duration of any job by simply dragging and dropping it.

Everybody has access to the right information at any moment. With all the information in one place, we have better control and can work much more efficient.

Addie van den Berg Owner, Ocean Entertainment


Event staffing for the AV & Event industry

One of the most challenging parts of staffing events is staying in touch with your crew. Start saving up to 70% of the time you spend on getting availabilities and sending the right information to your crew with Rentman.

  • Manage communication channels
  • Stay on top of last-minute changes
  • Always know who is available
  • Collaborate with multiple people on the same planning
  • Keep track of worked hours
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Time tracking made easy

Use our Time Registration module to keep track of the hours your crew members worked

  • Register worked hours
  • Apply different rates
  • Manage holidays and sick leaves
  • Have an overview of costs
  • Export your data
C&TS_Crew mobile ap-EN

All of the tools for your crew in one mobile app

With the free Rentman app, your team and freelancers can manage schedules, respond to invitations, and see all details to complete the job from any location — saving you time from updating them manually.


  • Manage personal schedules
  • Indicate availability
  • Access job details
  • Sync calendars
  • Time registration

Crew scheduling features

Crew database
Keep track of your crew rates and skills, so you always schedule the right person for the job.
Automated invitations
Invite crew members to fill in their availability or invite them directly for a specific function in a few clicks.
Calendar sync
Synchronize your personal calendar with Rentman, so you can have everything in your preferred view.
Visible & invisible planning
Create a temporary schedule that is invisible to your crew members until you send it.
Tasks, files and notes sharing
Send your crew members all of the information they need to complete a job.
Time registration
Keep track of all the worked hours of your crew members.
Vehicle management
Enter the daily costs and load capacity for your vehicles, so you always plan the right vehicle for every job.
Quickest route
Use the Google Maps feature to help your crew plan the quickest route to their destination directly from the app.
Repairs & lost items
Let your crew report missing equipment and register repairs directly from the app.

Send fewer emails and communicate more efficiently

Start scheduling with more visibility and control