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Project management

Take control of your rental projects

Work more efficiently by easily scheduling equipment and staff. Create cost overviews and quotations with the push of a button.

All data in one place

With all information in one place, Rentman allows you to quickly generate financial overviews of projects. Instantly see your projected costs and revenues.

Offer more competitive quotes while maintaining a detailed overview of your business's profit margin.

Boost your Teamwork

Having all your project details in one place makes teamwork easy. Rentman’s cloud software lets you and your crew members work on projects simultaneously, from anywhere.

The integrated task feature shows responsibilities of everyone involved in the planning and execution of a project.

Stay on top of deadlines

Save valuable time by sending update notifications to team members anytime you modify planning details or complete staff schedules. This makes phoning, emailing or texting each time plans change no longer necessary. Whether they’re in the office or warehouse, you can be sure to-do’s won’t get missed.

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