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How ZPG manages to always stay one step ahead

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"To us, it’s very important to understand the market on the one hand and, on the other, our own internal business. Both are supported by looking at our figures. It’s not only figures - but it helps us a lot."

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About ZPG

ZPG is a Full Service Production Company based in the south of Germany, close to Munich. Their specialization is mainly corporate events, and their clients can be found not only in Europe but around the globe. The team consists of 10 employees and 20 to 25 loyal freelancers. Most of them have been connected to ZPG for over 10 years. Next to ZPG’s focus on quality and service, the most important things are team spirit, trust, and having a lot of fun doing what they do. 

Investment challenges 

Like everyone, ZPG were also affected by Covid. They were already focused on video streaming for over 5 years, and due to the pandemic, demand increased. But the future was very unsure, so making smart investments became extra important. In April 2020, ZPG had to make some serious decisions on how to invest for the future.

Accounting software provided data such as the purchase price of equipment, depreciation, and residual value. However, that was not enough for ZPG to make well-founded decisions for their investment. They needed to know more.  



ZPG always tries to stay one step ahead, whether they are supporting their clients on-site, or making decisions for the future of the company. For this reason, they used Rentman’s Equipment Management software to get the data they needed about their equipment. 


“I need to know how often the item went out, what’s the average rental price for it, how an item performs in a certain time period, and most importantly: I need to know the sub-rental costs. Based on the sub-rental costs and the usage times, I can make my decisions for investment”

Fabian Zöckler Business owner of ZPG.


In addition to looking at these figures, ZPG also talked to their team of experts, listened to the market, and consulted their gut feeling. All of these factors combined led to the decision to invest in their stock by adding cameras, recording, green screens, and streaming equipment, so they could support the requirements of the market.

As the new equipment arrived, ZPG added the new items to Rentman. To complete the information about the items in Rentman, they registered the exact purchase price and depreciation per month per serial number in the Equipment module. 

Combining the purchase price and depreciation figures with data about usage and rental prices, ZPG managed to prove by the end of 2020 that the investment made in April was absolutely the best decision they could have ever made.



Knowing his figures means that Fabian (company owner), gets an understanding of the overall performance of his company, the projects, and the equipment from a financial and usability point of view. The project managers also benefit from insights into numbers, so they know how their projects are doing, and if and where they need refining.

These are some of the results that ZPG has achieved from using Rentman: 

  • More insights on multiple levels of their operations
  • Making better-informed decisions
  • Anticipating the market changes  
  • Justify investments afterward

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