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M&S Showtechniek

How Rentman enabled M&S Showtechniek to take on 10X more projects since 2013

av and event production  •  25 employees

“We’ve been using Rentman for 10 years and at this point, we cannot live without it. The biggest advantage? Always knowing where your stuff is, if it’s okay to plan certain equipment for a project, and if it’s available.”

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About M&S Showtechniek

M&S Showtechniek is a Dutch-based event production company specializing in consultancy, design, and implementation of AV events. Having started from humble beginnings in 2011, M&S Showtechniek has since scaled up its services to deliver thousands of world-class AV experiences for its customers worldwide. Today, M&S Showtechniek’s team of four (4) full-timers and 20-30 freelancers prides itself on working hand-in-hand with their clients to deliver successful events and impactful live streaming productions all-year round. 



When M&S Showtechniek started in 2011, they were using spreadsheets (Excel) to manage their workflow. As they began to scale their services in 2011 and 2012, they soon realized that Excel just didn’t cut it.

“We were working with Excel before, but as the number of jobs grew, we needed to see an overview of our equipment availability. We also needed something to plan crew as well as deal with quoting and invoicing.”

Pim Muller Company Owner / Project Manager at M&S Showtechniek

Since they were quickly outgrowing spreadsheets, M&S Showtechniek started hunting for an all-in-one solution that allowed them to manage their equipment in and out of the warehouse, schedule crew to jobs, and deal with quotes and invoices so they could scale their company and reach new heights. 



Since they started using Rentman in 2013, M&S Showtechniek has put the days of flipping through spreadsheets behind them for good. 

Before, it was a struggle to figure out what equipment was available for an upcoming project. Now, Rentman’s equipment management solutions give M&S Showtechniek the ability to see in one glance what stock is available to be planned for the next job. 


“I really like the real-time updated stock level feature. If stock is returned early, it’s already available for the next job. For us, this makes it easier to use gear 5 times in a week, save money on subrentals, and save trips to suppliers.”

Jeroen van der Stap Company Owner / Project Manager at M&S Showtechniek


Being able to accurately keep track of their gear in and out of the warehouse is yet another reason M&S Showtechniek has stuck with Rentman for over a decade.

“It's really nice to be able to track equipment and see how and when it went to a specific location. It's amazing technology and we like it" adds Pim Muller. 



Rentman has equipped M&S Showtechniek with the tools they needed to scale from 50 jobs in 2013 to a whopping 500 successfully completed projects in 2022 alone.

As of August 2023, they’ve used Rentman to manage 3231 jobs and grow their profit margin from project to project. For M&S Showtechniek, the return on investment (ROI) from using Rentman is crystal clear.

As stated by Pim himself, “the biggest ROI from using Rentman is always knowing where your stuff is, if it’s ok to plan it for a project, and how many times it’s been rented out.”


“Rentman is fantastic. Right now, we can’t work without it.”

Pim Muller Company Owner / Project Manager at M&S Showtechniek


Having experienced how Rentman’s robust software supports RFID technology from, M&S Showtechniek is now gearing up to take their productions to the next level in 2024 and beyond. They know that they can count on Rentman to support them on their journey to reach new heights in the years to come. 

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