Introducing the updated Support Center & Academy

Rentman’s improved Support Center and newly launched Academy

Your feedback about Rentman's improved interface has been processed carefully and some is already being implemented. As part of the improvements we have been making, we also wanted to improve the support resources many of you rely on every day. This meant that we needed to re-organize and make sure the Rentman Support Center matched the new look and feel of the new interface. 

In addition to the Support Center, we have also launched a brand new resource for information — the Rentman Academy 🎉The Rentman Academy will help guide you through the implementation process so no step is forgotten. The Academy then shows you how to use Rentman with the basic and most important workflows. 

Between the Support Center and Rentman Academy, you can now choose how you learn best. Would you prefer to quickly find answers to specific topics yourself? Then the Support Center is the perfect place for you. Do you prefer more guidance on a specific process such as setting up your financials or creating a quote? Then the Academy is the way to go! Read on for more information on each resource.


The New Support Center - Find answers to specific questions

Improving the Support Center is essential for us to continue to support your daily rental activities in Rentman. With the improved interface, comes new features. We added information on features found only in the improved interface such as: project progress icons, personalizing your dashboard, and the updated document template editor

On top of this, we reorganized the Support Center to reduce the number of articles covering duplicate or similar topics. You now can navigate through the Support Center more easily to find certain topics. If you have already implemented your Rentman account, the Support Center will help answer specific questions you come across as you use your account. 

You can now find frequently asked questions and common solutions in the Support Center as well. That means you can quickly find answers to your questions without having to explain your problem and wait for a solution from the support team. While we always strive to answer your questions as soon as we can, we know it’s even easier for you if answers to your questions are easily accessible. 

Go to the improved Support Center


The Rentman Academy - Step by Step Guides for every workflow

Are you brand new to Rentman and need to implement your account? Has your company been using Rentman for a while but there is a new power user who needs to learn to use it? Then the Rentman Academy is the perfect place for you! 

The newly launched Rentman Academy guides you step by step through implementing your account. For our newest users, this will be the first place you begin. The Academy also guides you through Rentman’s most basic and important workflows. Learning new software or workflows can feel like an overwhelming task. With the Rentman Academy, you are taught how to use Rentman in stages. No more struggling to figure out where to start and feeling stressed by a lot of information to learn. 

Check out the Rentman Academy 

What you can expect in the future

Of course, our improvements won’t just stop here! We want to keep improving our Support Center continuously and will be adding new articles and videos in the future. In order to keep improving, we need your feedback! Let us know if something is missing or unclear so we can solve this.

We will also be adding more to the Rentman Academy. Soon, we will expand the information available in the Academy to include more in-depth and detailed topics when using your Rentman account. 

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