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RFID for the AV industry: a holistic report

While RFID has been around for a while, for example in the retail industry, it's still viewed as a novel technology for the AV industry. Whenever we talk about RFID, benefits such as automation, traceability, accuracy and efficiency come up. However, does RFID actually achieve that? Does it live up to its expectations? Is this technology developed enough for this industry?

After years in development and numerous interviews with our partners, we are ready to share our own research and thoughts on these questions. We compiled all our insights into a downloadable report.

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You'll find answers to the most burning questions, including:

  • What to choose between handhelds and gates / belts?
  • What frequency to choose?
  • What tags to choose?
  • How can RFID fix common warehouse challenges?
  • How much time does RFID save, compared to QR labels?

Not sure if this report is for you? Download this 3-page preview of the document, and you decide!



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