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Make it easier to communicate with your crew

With Rentman, you can have all your crew member contacts and communication tools combined in one system. Reduce the number of interactions and give your crew the tools to manage their own schedule, communications, and access job instructions.

Keep your crew on track

CC-All the tools your crew needs in one Mobile App

All the tools your crew needs in one Mobile App

  • Job invitations and availability

    For any job or selected period of time, you can invite one or multiple crew members. They can respond by selecting their option in the invitation via email or the app.

  • Share job instructions and files

    Rentman makes sure your team has access to the information needed to complete the job on site. You can share documents and other relevant files so your crew knows exactly what to do.

  • Time registration

    Your crew can easily keep track of the worked hours while on a job and clock in and out with the touch of a button.

With Rentman my crew now sees what they need to see! We greatly reduced emails and unnecessary calls.

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Register repairs and lost items

With the app, your crew can report missing equipment and register repairs on site.

Chart the quickest route

Using the Google Maps feature, your crew can easily plan their route directly from the app.

See planned equipment

Your crew can see what equipment is planned on the project so they can make sure everything arrives as planned.

Communicate schedules

Keep your crew up-to-date

  • Know who needs an update

    For every change you make, Rentman keeps track on whose schedule has been updated.

  • Send updates in your preferred way

    You can select the crew members that need to receive an update and choose to send an update by email, app-notification or print them the old-fashioned way.

Send less emails and communicate more efficiently

Try Rentman for free and start communicating better with your crew.