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How Rentman helps Luevo successfully plan and manage its team of freelancers

light & sound production  •  9 employees

“We are very happy using Rentman now and will continue to use it in the future.”

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About Luevo

Luevo is a light and sound production company based in the Netherlands. They provide consultancy, design, production, and staffing services for small and large scale events such as festivals, parties, and corporate functions. A product of a merger between Cue Three Group, a staffing company, and Clausing Licht en Geluid, Luevo was founded after years of successful collaboration between eventual co-founders Chris Lawson and Remco Clausing.

Despite being a small light and sound production company, Luevo’s team of two (2) full-timers and 7 freelancers is growing rapidly, committed to delivering epic events and productions for their clients.



As Luevo started to grow, it was clear that scaling meant getting software that not only allowed them to manage their inventory, but also enabled them to easily plan their freelancers and communicate the details of their gigs to them. Chris was already familiar with Rentman, so for him, the choice was clear.


“Before founding Luevo, I was a freelancer. The companies that used Rentman always gave out more information, like callsheets and packing slips. That made it a lot easier to know what you’re up against when you arrive at your destination.”

Chris Lawson Co-founder, Luevo


For that reason, it was logical for Luevo to partner with Rentman to provide the same type of collaborative experience for their freelancers.



Since using Rentman, Luevo has no trouble scheduling their team of freelancers to events.

“We can easily see who’s available for what project. We can also send them the information they need in an easy way.” - Chris Lawson, Co-founder, Luevo

Rentman also allows Luevo to store useful information about their freelancers such as each one’s skills and qualifications. That makes it easy for them to quickly identify which freelancer is the right fit for the job based on each one’s profile.



“It takes less time, so we can focus on our jobs.” - Chris Lawson, Co-founder, Luevo

Since Rentman speeds up the process needed to plan freelancers to events, it frees up time for Chris and Remco to focus on other parts of the business.

Given that Rentman is a cloud-based solution, Chris and Remco are both happy that all of their information is synced.

 “I don’t have to send my associate anything. He’s got exactly the same information that I do. It’s quite seamless.”

Having used the software for several years now, Luevo is a firm believer that Rentman has all the tools they need to help them scale their business in the future.


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