Product Updates

We work hard on improving Rentman every day. Find out what's new in our latest updates.

PU - Crew planner improvements (1)

Crew planner improvements – Plan from multiple screens and reassign functions


Read more about quickly reassigning functions to other crew members and planning from multiple screens in this recap of our latest crew planner improvements.

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Preview backups and correct mistakes

Create previews of backups to correct mistakes in your workspace


You now have the option to create previews of backups so you can correct mistakes in your Rentman workspace.

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Create projects on the app (1)

Create projects on the go with the Rentman mobile app


With the latest update to the Rentman mobile app, you can quickly create projects when you’re on the go.

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Crew Planner improvements - Schedule your crew faster and more efficiently


Here is a recap of the improvements we’ve made and the latest features that we’ve introduced to Rentman’s Crew Planner.

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Copy & paste crew and transport functions


You can now copy & paste crew and transport functions within the same and between different Rentman projects.

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Hiding financial information

Managing access to financial details


Manage user permissions to control who has access to financial information. Control which users get to see your rental prices, margins, and crew prices.

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History log of project changes

A History Log of project changes


The History Log allows you to track changes made to projects so you can intervene when you spot mistakes. With this new feature, you can stay in the loop by tracking all project changes in one place!

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Assign a responsible person

Extra Input Fields - Assign a responsible person and create mandatory fields


The versatility of extra input fields is great. With our latest update, you can connect a crew member or a contact to any item in your Rentman database.

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Quick access

Quick Search - Find anything in your Rentman Workspace


Search through your Rentman workspace by double-tapping Alt. Quickly find and access your open tabs, projects, equipment, and invoices.

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