Product Updates

We work hard on improving Rentman every day. Find out what's new in our latest updates.

Shift Scheduling website banner (1)

Shifts: Plan and manage schedules for your entire workforce - all in one place.


Introducing Shifts: our newest feature designed to help you plan and manage bookings for your entire workforce - all in one platform.

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Rentman Recap 2024

25+ new updates to kick-start your 2024!


Your 2023 Rentman Recap has arrived along with 25+ new updates across everything from new filters to speed improvements to help you take your Rentman experience to the next level

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Crew and transport filters (1)

Crew and transport filters – Focus on the information you need when scheduling


Discover the latest filters we've added to Rentman's Crew Planner to help you quickly find the information you need when scheduling.

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Get ready for an even better Crew Scheduling product


Reinvent how you schedule crew in 2023 with our crew product improvements - designed to optimize your planning processes, sharpen how you communicate with your team, and help you crush your projects this year and beyond.

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Custom pay rates

Custom pay rates – Calculate crew member costs and prices based on different criteria


With Rentman’s new flexible system for rates, you can now add custom rates for overtime, double time, day rates, half-day rates and minimum charges.

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partial payments

Partial payments – Give your customers the option to pay in installments


Introducing Partial payments, a new way for you to accept and show payments and outstanding balances on your invoices.

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PU - Crew planner improvements (1)

Crew planner improvements – Plan from multiple screens and reassign functions


Read more about quickly reassigning functions to other crew members and planning from multiple screens in this recap of our latest crew planner improvements.

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Preview backups and correct mistakes

Create previews of backups to correct mistakes in your workspace


You now have the option to create previews of backups so you can correct mistakes in your Rentman workspace.

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Create projects on the app (1)

Create projects on the go with the Rentman mobile app


With the latest update to the Rentman mobile app, you can quickly create projects when you’re on the go.

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