25+ new updates to kick-start your 2024!
Rentman Recap 2024

25+ new updates to kick-start your 2024!


Your 2023 Rentman Recap has arrived along with 25+ new updates across everything from new filters to speed improvements to help you take your Rentman experience to the next level 🚀.

Ready to see what’s new? 

I. Rentman platform updates
II. Equipment scheduling updates
III. Equipment tracking updates 
IV. Crew scheduling updates
V. Financial updates



1. Rentman Recap

Your Rentman Recap is back! For a limited time only, you can have a look back at your 2023 achievements.

Head on over to your Rentman account to find your most rented items of 2023, the busiest day in your warehouse, or your top account managers, all in one place.

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Don’t forget to share your Recap on social media with the hashtag #RentmanRecap.



Rentman platform updates


2. Find important projects faster

Do you need to quickly find pending projects, hide all canceled projects, or do both simultaneously?

Try the new ‘Project status’ dropdown menu to find the projects you’re looking for.


3. Have more control over who sees your data

Extra input fields sometimes contain sensitive data that you might not want to share with all of your employees. You can now keep this information out of the wrong hands by managing which users can view these fields.

You can also hide the fields that you may not want to use anymore, while still being able to keep its historical data.


4. Fill in contact information with one click

Adding new contacts is now a lot quicker. Simply type the company name and Google will fill in all the details for you, allowing you to focus on your project instead.


Other notable improvements

5. Updated columns in the Time schedule tab to easily add times and dates 
6. New keyboard shortcuts to create tasks, take notes, and add files
7. New option to access the Rentman Changelog directly from the Help Center of your workspace
8. More consistent swiping behavior for tasks in the Rentman mobile app
9. Change the language of your Rentman account directly from your display settings
10. Many performance-enhancing improvements




Equipment scheduling updates


11. Change temporary items into permanent ones

You can now right-click on a temporary item in a project to save it to your Rentman database.

12. Overwrite QR codes when importing equipment

Importing QR codes is a lot easier! We’ve introduced a new option that lets you choose whether you want to overwrite or add QR codes when importing equipment.


13. Find projects an item is/was planned on

Right-click on an item in the Equipment module to quickly find the projects that item is/was planned on and give yourself that bit of extra visibility.

You can also find these projects by filtering projects in the Projects module by equipment.


14. Find untagged equipment

Busy organizing your equipment with tags? Find items that aren’t tagged yet with the new “has no labels” filter in the equipment module.


Other notable improvements

15. Purchase prices are now automatically pre-filled when creating a new serial number.
16. We’ve updated the sample file when importing equipment.
17. The Equipment module in the Rentman mobile app has a new, refreshed look.
18. Equipment codes are now shown in the equipment module in the Rentman mobile app.




Equipment tracking updates


19. Improved mobile app experience when booking a specific amount of items

We’ve removed the pre-filled amount when manually booking a specific amount of items to help you speed up your booking flow.

20. New mobile app notification for items that should be repaired

Never accidentally return damaged equipment to your shelves again! When returning equipment, you now get a notification for items that should be repaired.


Other notable improvements

21. See the status and color of a subproject when searching in the warehouse module

22. Many performance and user interface improvements 



Crew scheduling updates


23. Right-click on a function to re-use it in future projects

Creating the same crew and transport functions for projects over and over again? 

Save yourself some time by converting these one-time functions to default functions and re-use again them in future projects.


Other notable improvements

24. Hover over an invitation in the Crew Planner to see who sent it and when it was created



Financial updates

25. Find externally invoiced projects

Try the new “Invoiced externally” filter in the To be Invoiced module to find projects that were marked as “invoiced externally”.

 26. Send payment statuses from your preferred accounting software to Rentman with the Public API

Get clear insights into which invoices have been paid and which haven’t by syncing all payments from your accounting software with Rentman using the public API.  


Other notable improvements

27. Credit notes can now be created from inside a project. Press the triple-dot menu next to the invoice to start.

28. You can now see the total amount of paid invoices when a customer pays multiple invoices.



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If you have any questions or suggestions for our next round of improvements, let us know. Because we develop Rentman together – with you, and for you.

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