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Shifts: Plan and manage schedules for your entire workforce - all in one place.

Looking for an easier way to schedule your crew for those in-house jobs you just need to get done? 📝

At Rentman, we are committed to simplifying how our customers work.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the release of Shifts: our newest feature designed to help you plan and manage bookings for your entire workforce - all in one platform. 🖥️

What are Shifts?

Shifts are timeslots in Rentman that let you book crew to jobs that you won't necessarily charge a customer. Booking crew to shifts is useful since it allows you to seamlessly arrange and manage internal, non-project work like:

✔ Warehouse Assignments

✔ Repairs & Maintenance Bookings

✔ Office Errands

✔ Deliveries

Shifts make it a lot easier for event production companies to manage job invitations and bookings for both contracted crew and internal crew - all within one central overview. 

For more information on how to get started scheduling your first shift, please check out our Support Center article

How to access this feature

Shifts are only available with Rentman's Crew Scheduling product. If you have Rentman 4G Pro, you do not have access to this feature. If you are on Rentman 4G Pro and would like to access Shifts, check out our new subscription plans.

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