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Notifications in crew and transport planner

We have added a notification system to keep you updated on any changes that are made to a project. This update makes it easier to communicate between your project and planning.

See what changes have been made to a function
Whenever a change is made to a function, this will be highlighted with an orange icon on the function bar in the planner.

When a project gets deleted its crew and transport will still appear in the planner until you delete them. This allows you to see which crew members were planned on a job and need to be updated.

Displayed changes
These changes to a function in the project will now be highlighted in the planner:

  • Canceled project
  • Project put in option
  • Function plan period was changed
  • Function was deleted
  • Function is added again
  • Changed location for function
  • A new comment was added to the function

The notifications work vice-versa: Any time changes you make in the planner will also be visible in your project. Functions highlighted in light blue in your project indicate a changed time period for that function in the planner.

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