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14 March

Version F58 / B60

  • Drag-and-drop equipment items within your equipment list and projects.
  • You can now update equipment in duplicated projects with your current data.
  • We made two updates to the widget bar in your equipment list and projects. You now see accessoires and the total weight for equipment groups.
  • Public appointments now have their own row in the availability timeline of the crew planner.
  • Your grouping selection in the warehouse module is now remembered when you return to the view.

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20 February

Version F55 / B57

  • You can now perform calculations in pricing fields. In every pricing field you can add, subtract, divide and multiply by using the designated symbols (+ - / *). 
  • The availability timeline in the equipment module now remembers the period you had selected previously.
  • When selecting a crew member bar in the bottom timeline by clicking on it, the top timeline will automatically jump to the corresponding function bar. 
  • The project number is now added to the export of invoices.
  • The maximum span of recurring appointments is no longer limited to two years.


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13 February

Version F54 / B56

  • Multiple improvements and fixes to the template editor
  • When you scan an item to return you can now add a note to it.
  • The sum of all equipment specifications in (sub)projects is now displayed in the widgets column under ‘Totals’.
  • Comment lines now also have check marks (in the equipment tab of a project).
  • When you hover over a project in the crew planner the location is now displayed in a tooltip.
  • In the crew planner, you can set planned crew back to the times of the function by using the right mouse click.
  • Fixed: temporary items could not be added at random occasions. 


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