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17 January

Version F49 / B52

  • You are now able to set a specific insurance rate for a client. 
  • We have added an option to deactivate crew members in their profile. This logs the user out and blocks him from accessing the system.
  • All the drop-down menus with linked items are now alphabetically sorted. For example your templates and VAT codes.
  • A new indicator on your dashboard shows canceled projects where crew is still planned on.
  • When your equipment groups were grouped by folder structure the sorting on slips would be alphabetical. We have changed this. 
  • We added a new module to the template for function groups. You can now add your function groups to your slips.

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9 January

Version F48 / B51

  • You are now able to edit multiple equipment items at the same time. Simply select multiple items > click on more actions and select ‘edit multiple items’.
  • We have added an option to the time schedule of your templates. You are now able to display the times for the current subproject and the main project.
  • A bug that showed the attachment size of emails in gigabyte instead of kilobytes is corrected
  • We fixed a bug that allowed certain users to access projects without having the permissions to do so. You now get a warning message saying that you don’t have permissions

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18 December

Version F45 / B48

  • For users in countries that use the 12-hour clock, times in Rentman can now be entered and displayed in AM and PM.
  • When planning equipment in a project you now see more details of a selected item in the right widget column.
  • We have added a button to the ‘General’ tab of a project to recalculate distances for project function when adding a new location.
  • You can now set the contract hours for crew members and keep track of the difference in the number of worked hours and contract hours.

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11 December

Version F44 / B46

  • When you invite crew for a job and want to select extra days you can now modify the time of the extra days in the pop-up window.
  • All numeric values in a table (prices, quantities, percentages etc.) are now aligned on the right. 
  • For users who don’t have rights to edit the planning the planning tab is now also hidden in the project.
  • When you want to cancel a project with crew planned on it, you will get a notification of this with the option to erase all scheduled persons at once.
  • When you try to delete equipment from your database you get an extra check with a warning message signaling that you will also delete the item from all previous projects.

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4 December

Version F43 / B46

  • Crew members can now be imported into Rentman. 
  • You are now able to hide crew members in your planner. The option is listed under the ‘Details’ column when editing a crew member.
  • In the default transport function (in a project) you now have the option for automatic calculation of travel time and distance. 
  • We have added a ‘Current’ field where you can set the value in Ampère for equipment items. 
  • We have added several improvements to dragging the mouse over multiple functions in the crew planner.
  • We fixed an issue in the export of projects, prices will now be exported as nummeric values.

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28 November

Version F42 / B45

  • We have added the option to create surface articles. Surface articles are not charged by quantity, but by the volume or surface used of that equipment item. For example, for carpet, sheets or fences.
  • We now have a status page where you can check if Rentman is functioning normally:
  • Under configuration > licenses you can now see a more detailed view of your Rentman license
  • When creating a new project a pop-up window will appear where you can select a project template.
  • You can now select multiple functions or planned crew in the crew planner at once by dragging your mouse over them.
  • We have added a text field where you can add free text to your payment reminders.

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21 November

Version F41 / B44

  • Digital payments for Euro currency are now possible. You can now add a digital payment button in your invoices. With the button customers can directly pay the invoice online using Credit Card, PayPal or other payment methods.
  • You can now add images to your quotes. In order to use this you need to add the dedicated column to your template in the template editor. 
  • We have added a measuring unit field for your equipment. You can now specify if the units should be measured per piece, case, etc..
  • You are now able to edit and delete a reservation with a right mouse click in the crew planner. 
  • Selecting a project in the project calendar view is now possible. 
  • We have added the option to indicate if a transport requires a single or return journey. This can be done with a checkbox in project function, the distance for a return journey will be doubled.

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14 November

Version F40 / B43

  • All Rentman /rm4g URLs are now redirected to our new domain: If your account URL was it is now converted to 
  • Your open tabs are no longer lost when you now refresh in Rentman.
  • We fixed the ALT + F hotkey to quickly select the search bar. 
  • When you cancel a project with open tasks you will now get notified about this.
  • If you open a contact and you put in a location it automatically calculates distance and travel time.
  • You can now create extra input fields for your projects and subprojects.

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30 October

Version F38 / B41

  • We are excited to introduce a quick planning option in Rentman: planning in project. You will now see a new tab in your project called ‘Planning’. Here you find a less extended version of the crew planner module.
  • We have re-ordered the configuration screen to make your general and financial settings easier findable. 
  • You can now edit multiple crew functions at the same time.
  • You are now able to view the location of equipment in the warehouse module and sort equipment on warehouse location.
  • The project overview now also shows project status for all subprojects. 
  • We have added an extra format option for time duration in the Statistics module. Instead of a numeric value, you can now choose to show a written format.

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9 October

Version F35 / B37

  • Quickly plan serial numbers by double clicking on an equipment item (in your project).
  • A useful addition if you're from the USA, Canada or Australia: Add a state to your contacts information.
  • Email templates are now linked to document type. When you create a new template now it will be specific to a document (invoice, quote, packing slip etc.).
  • We have added a column for activities in the Time Registration module
  • Added a 'link to digitally sign' variable that can be placed in your email templates when sending out a quote.
  • A top border now tells you when the planned period of a crew member differs from the function period.
  • We have added a default 'not canceled' filter when adding a new statistic that concerns projects or subhires.

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