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How Rentman helps MER Klang organize its activities on the move

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Read how Rentman helped this one-man event rental company to better organize operations while on the move

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MER Klang rents out sound and lighting equipment to a diverse customer base. The one-man company serves everyone, starting from DJ’s that rent multiple speakers every weekend, to cover bands that also require assistance with their show. Here's their story.


How did you find Rentman?

Before I started working with Rentman I didn’t use any type of rental software due to the small size of my business. However, I quickly realized that my growing inventory required a software solution, that could handle both, project planning and inventory management. A colleague of mine had worked with Rentman before and recommended it to me, which lead to me creating a free trial account.

What did Renmtan help you with?

It’s in the nature of my job to be constantly on the move, therefore I wanted to work with a solution that wouldn’t restrict me to my office. With Rentman I have found just that. If clients call me while I am out of the office, I use Rentman from my smartphone or tablet to quickly create a project and add all the needed equipment. After I have sent a quotation, the only thing I need to do at the warehouse is to prepare the right equipment and set it up for pick-up or delivery.

All the freelancers I am working with have started using the Rentman App as well. The application is perfect for them as they can easily access the complete project plan at any time and check their responsibilities for the upcoming jobs. Apart from that, they can directly register their worked hours, which eliminates the need for any sort of timesheet.

Altogether Rentman has simplified many aspects of my daily work life. I believe it really is the least expensive and most flexible solution on the market for event rental software right now.


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