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Why working in the cloud is much more secure than you think

Rentman is a management software solution for AV rental companies. Like many other software solutions, Rentman runs in the Cloud. This means that you can benefit from a great planning software while enjoying all the advantages of cloud technology.

But the rapid growth of modern technologies can sometimes be overwhelming, rather than exciting. Although the number of SMEs that adopt cloud solutions for their businesses is constantly increasing, many companies still have doubts in trusting their data and processes to the cloud. Many of the reasons for this are based on misconceptions about cloud technology.

Talking to AV rental providers from all over the world on a daily basis, we noticed some common fears and concerns. As firm believers of the cloud's benefits, we want to address these concerns in this article and explain why it's actually a safe step to take.


How can I be sure my data will not get lost?

Losing your data is disastrous for any company. Not having your data stored in your own physical device can be a source of concern, but it shouldn't be. We understand that safe data storage is crucial, that's why our servers are hosted in two separate and secured data centers. Having your data stored in two places means that we can continue our services in case of an outage (that's why our services have been up for 99.995% of the time over the last four years).

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If that wasn't enough, we also backup your data overnight. This allows us to back up your system just in case you lose your data by any reason.

For our cloud services, we rely on one of the safest and most reliable parties in the market, Amazon Web Services. Thanks to all these measures, storing your data in the cloud is actually safer than on a single computer.


If my data and credit card details are online, couldn't they get stolen?

At Rentman we take your privacy very seriously. By providing a personal database for every customer, we make sure that no personal information can ever be dislocated. Moreover, the connection between our servers and your devices is always secured (as you can see from the green lock on the top-left of your screen), and our software security is certified by Comodo.

We are careful about privacy, but even more careful about thieves! This is why we do not store your credit card details but instead rely on Stripe for all our payments. Stripe is one of the world's leading payment platforms, with customers like Facebook, Deliveroo, and Wish. We entrust them to process your credit card payments, so you can rest assured.


Why can't I buy the software once, instead of paying for it monthly?

Rentman, like many other Software as a Service (Saas), is in a state of "perpetual beta": our team of developers works everyday to add functionalities, fix issues, and improve the software. This means that, while the price you pay is fixed, the quality of the service you receive gets better every day. You wouldn't get a deal like this buying the software, because you would have to pay for every new update.

But how do we decide what to update? Some changes are implemented internally, but our users have a very important role in the process too. In fact, most of the inputs for the updates come directly from our users and our Community. Here you can propose what you think should be changed and vote on other users' ideas. You can check all our updates here.

Offering monthly subscriptions also allows you to be flexible. There's no risk of paying a high price for a solution that doesn't fit your needs. That's also why we offer everybody a 30-day free trial period.


What happens if I don't have an internet connection?

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Rentman is a cloud software, and if you're not connected to the internet it doesn't work. You have a point there. But without a connection you're probably not able to perform many of the tasks to keep your business running, like sending and receiving emails, using your smartphone or even reading this article. So probably you wouldn't be able to work properly, with or without Rentman.


What would happen to my data and Rentman's services in the case it went out of business?

The scenario in which we go out of business or we can't continue providing our services is a very unlikely one. In any case, you shouldn't be worried since we are prepared for that: we have an escrow agreement with a separate third party. The code for Rentman is safely stored and the third party is obliged to continue our services in the unlikely event that we are not able to.


Give it a try!

If you have an AV rental company and you're looking for a way to manage it but you're worried about a cloud solution, we hope this article reassured you. More than a thousand companies use Rentman everyday to organize their activity. You can try it for free for 30-days, and then decide if you want to join them!



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