Why move your rental business to the Cloud?

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Chances are high that you rely on cloud software in your everyday life. You're already using the cloud when sending emails, checking your bank account, or posting something on your Facebook timeline.

Why manage your rental business from the cloud? We offer ten good reasons how your business can benefit from managing your rentals from the cloud.


1. Avoid paying for the wrong solution

Implementing offline software usually takes a lot of time and investment. Since you can never be fully sure the software fits your needs, investing in offline software can be a costly risk.

Most cloud solutions offer monthly subscriptions and no setup costs. So you avoid the risk of overpaying for something you don’t like. Free trials let you avoid any risk of paying before making a definite decision.


2. Save time installing updates

Installing updates can be a hassle sometimes, especially when you are busy working and don’t want to wait until the installation is finished. With a cloud based rental solution updates are installed automatically without you noticing. Your workflow won’t be interrupted and you still enjoy all the benefits of the latest update.


3. Rental management doesn’t have to stop when you leave your desk

Whenever you have to leave the office to go on location or to a meeting it would be convenient if you could continue some of your rental management work or get project details on the go.

Working from the cloud you are able to access all information from any device. Quickly need to check the location of your next job? Simply open your rental management solution in your browser or the dedicated mobile app and check where you need to go next.  


4. Don’t limit yourself to one system

Since the fight between Mac and PC users might never end, different preferences in operating systems shouldn’t be the reason why you can’t use a certain rental software.

Working from the cloud, you can use both Mac and PC. All you need is a browser and a connection to the internet. If you have a responsive cloud rental software, you can also work on any mobile device.


5. Remember that time your server was down?

We do, and if you have used some form of on-premise solution before I can pretty much guarantee that your server was down at some point. While cloud rental software is not exempt from server problems, recovery times are more essential in this matter.

The average downtime of on-premise software is four times as high as cloud service software. When working in the fast-paced rental industry, any amount of downtime can make a big difference if you get the job done in time or not.


6. Less phone calls, work collaboratively and in real-time

Too many emails and phone calls can quickly slow down your work and is susceptible to miscommunication. Users of cloud rental solutions generally can work in the same system in real-time with their colleagues. Changes and issues are instantly shared with other users.


7. Optimal security and safe data backups

Data loss can be disastrous for your rental business. By choosing a quality rental management software you know that your data is safely backed up in at least two separate server locations.

The other big advantage is that a good cloud rental solution is able to restore your data from a point in the past. So if you mess something up, you get unlimited second chances.


8. Active document control

The cloud offers a central and easily accessible place for all your documents and customer data. Important documents like packing slips, rental agreements, call sheets, and location details can be stored and accessed at anytime and from any location.


9. Go green and save money

At a first glance cloud rental software doesn’t necessarily seem to be a way to reduce your environmental footprint and save money at the same time.

However, researchers at Microsoft found out that your energy usage can be reduced by more than 30% when making use of cloud software. If you translate this into the amount of money you spend on energy every year the savings might be quite significant for your business.


10. Easier access for smaller companies

Apart from the high initial startup costs, offline solutions usually demand a lot of time getting to know the software. Cloud rental software can offer more flexible subscriptions with different functionalities. Smaller businesses are able to get started with fewer functions and scale up as they grow.


Rentman: An all-in-one cloud solution for better rental management

At Rentman we believe that an online rental management software is the best way to manage your rental business. Our rental software came out of the AV industry's frustration about the lack of flexible and online solutions. We have worked hard since to create a flexible rental management solution that doesn’t just improve the way you rent out equipment, but also simplifies every other aspect of managing rental projects.

We would like to show you how Rentman can help lift your rental business. Take a look at our features or book a demo to get a proper introduction.

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