An interview with our founder Roy van den Broek

Rentman’s Story

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We have frequently been asked about the story behind Rentman. In this interview, our founder Roy van den Broek will answer some questions about how Rentman started and the most recent developments of the company. He'll explain how Rentman grew from a one-time project to a leading rental software provider in Europe.


Coming from the AV rental section

Roy, who ran his first AV-rental business at the age of 16, had close ties with rental companies in the industry and talked with a lot of people at events.

“I used to own a rental company myself and worked a lot as a freelancer. I quickly noticed that the available rental management solutions were not highly regarded among people in the industry”.

According to Roy more people wanted to work online and were not happy with the software packages they were currently using. As a computer sciences student, Roy saw a chance in developing a better solution. 

He quickly found five companies that liked the idea of a simpler and more flexible online tool that were willing to invest. They easily understood his wish for change and were very enthusiastic about the possibilities of a new solution.

As the task was too big for one man he decided to hire other programmers to further focus on “Project Rentman”.

“I knew immediately, which functions and modules were important as I worked in the industry myself." 

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From a one-time project to over 10.000 users 

Rentman's rental software quickly developed with the help of good feedback from various rental companies. It was supossed to be a one-time project and Roy thought he would get back to renting out speakers afterwards. However, it turned out that people were really satisfied with his product.

Roy decided to stick with the development of Rentman: “I quickly realized that Rentman wouldn’t just be a one-time project – it grew much faster than we expected and now more than 10.000 people are working with our software daily”, Roy explains.


Building simple and user friendly software with feedback from our users

Rentman was quickly adopted by multiple companies from the AV, event and production industry. Rentman introduced one of the first cloud tools for rental management in the Netherlands and that news quickly spread.

Nowadays Rentman is being used in over 50 countries and employs 20 people working on optimizing the product. According to the founder the most important aspect of his rental management system is its simplicity. 

Rentman offers an effective tool, which is quick to implement and easy to use. Anyone who wants get started with Rentman can do so within two minutes.

The cloud-based application eliminates costs for companies as they don’t have to acquire any additional hardware or take care of maintenance. Besides, no download is needed – you can simply log in via the browser or app and can get started immediately.


Automating simple tasks and simplifying communication

After logging in you can quickly see results in form of quotations or fully planned projects.

”Logging in from anywhere is a major advantage for our customers. It simplifies their communication and therefore saves money. That’s exactly what we want to achieve with Rentman.”

Roy believes that in the future many simple tasks can be automated in the rental industry. He sees the future of Rentman as an intelligent software package that takes over employees’ administration and communication tasks. That way the different facets of a company can be combined in one intelligent system.

“I think it's really exciting to see how things that we pioneered in are slowly changing the whole industry – for example the digital signatures” Roy explains.

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