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Version F36 / B38

Your current version is listed in the fold-out menu under your account name.

Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.


In this version

  • New email template for your invitations to crew members.

Invitations to the same crew member send within short period from each other will now also be merged into one email.

  • It’s now possible to duplicate crew functions in a project.

Here is how it works: select a function > click on the [...] more actions button > select ‘duplicate’.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented having multiple lines in your external remarks.
  • You now get a record of details that will be copied when you add or change the client in a project.
  • Appointments are now visible from your dashboard as well.
  • Warehouse update

When you plan additional equipment it now also shows you the equipment code.

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