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Rental management, refreshingly easy

Rentman started up in 2011 and we have been on an epic ride ever since. From our beginning as an AV rental company to launching the new Rentman 4G in 2016 we have tried to stay true to our core beliefs and to deliver an exceptional product for the rental industry and our customers.

Enabling better rental management worldwide

Over 10.000 users around the world use Rentman daily. Our features and integrations allow you to manage inventory, crew and transport more effectively. Today we are one of Europe’s leading cloud rental software solutions and help our customers to realize more than 5.000 projects every day. 

By rental experts for rental experts

We at Rentman have been around since 2011. We started as a side-project of our founders who had their own AV-rental company and got frustrated with the complex, existing solutions. They saw the need for a better and more affordable rental software that could be accessed from everywhere. With the help of five dedicated clients we developed a new standard in cloud rental software that can be used by companies of any size.


Meet Team Rentman

These people work on making Rentman even better.

Roy van den Broek Founder & CEO

Joost Maris Sales (International)

Allison Chambers Sales (International)

Peter Proft Sales (DACH)

Francesca Grilli Sales & Support (Italy)

Clémence Pialat Sales & Support (France)

Tim Grohmann Sales & Support (North America)

Pim van Keimpema Support

Johannes Schmid Support

Tobias Holzner Support

Cassandra Chaluleau Support

Clara Sanchez Support

Lauren Howe Support

Pim Hofstee Support

Bart Ambergen Support

Arjan Immeker Support

Joost Kraaijkamp Marketing

Nina Vollstedt Marketing

Costantino Bucci Marketing

Rick Soons Product Owner

Simon Pool Development

Martijn Welker Development

Maarten van de Water Development

Menno van der Leden Development

Peter Maatman Development

Tjeu Hendriks Development

Agnieszka Stężycka Design

Fanou van der Brugge Finance & HR

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