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Vanaja Event Solutions

Rentman helps VES better organize work and collaboration during project planning

rigging & staging  •  10 employees

"Thanks to the visual overview we can check the availability of our equipment at any point in time which has greatly reduced the times forgot a piece during preparation"

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Vanaja Event Solutions is specialized on rigging, furniture rental and stage equipment. They serve a large variety of customers, starting from small cultural events to major music festivals. Here's how they work with Rentman:


Lauri (CEO): At the start of every rental project two of our team-members work on the sales process with our client. They create a project in Rentman, add the desired equipment, check its availability and create a general cost overview. The visual equipment overview enables them to check equipment availability at any given point of time, which ultimately minimizes the chance that we forget an important piece of equipment during preparation.

Villu (Project Manager): After setting the project as an option, our warehouse manager easily completes the list by adding the missing materials and finishing off the equipment planning. Due to the rental software’s simple design we now create all our quotations in Rentman, no matter if we are on the move or in the office.

Based on this planning I send out the invitations to the crew with Rentman’s integrated invitation feature. The automated function really saves us a lot of time as we don't need to write mails anymore or call all of them individually. Crew members get the e-mail and can simply click on “Accept” to confirm their participation for the event. Afterwards the only thing they need to do is login and see all important information in one central place. All-in-all it's much faster and way more accurate. 

Tanel (Freelancer working for VES): The mobility of Rentman simplifies and improves a lot of our everyday work that used to take much longer. When we are on location I use the Rentman App to add as much information as possible in form of pictures, drawings and notes. In case we work at this location again we already have a large amount of data that we can then use to speed up the planning.

Before the actual start of the project I can quickly access my calendar to see, which project I have been scheduled for. Even at the venue I can still check out all the required information through the Rentman App or add more if something important is missing.

If we have a project that takes a couple of days we take a picture at the end of every day, so our office staff knows how well the construction is progressing. In case they notice a problem or delay, they can send someone else over to help us out. Just this feature alone has already saved us a lot of time-consuming calls and e-mails.

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