Version F85 / B92

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  • Improvements regarding reservations of (subhired) equipment:
    • You are now able to reserve equipment frome one (long) subhire job for multiple projects.
    • When you lower the amount of the equipment in a subhire job, a warning message will now show up in the shortage screen and the timelines.
    • When moving the timeframe for a subhire job results in a shortage, the shortage will now be displayed in the shortage screen and the timelines.
  • If sales items are booked back to the warehouse, you will now see two events in your timeline: one for when you booked the equipment out and one for when it comes back.
  • Subprojects that have the status 'Concept' are now also displayed orange in the subprojects sidebar in projects. Before projects in the past were always hidden in the sales item timeline. We now show past projects that haven't been booked out from the warehouse module. Note: The projects are still ignored in the stock calculation.
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