Version F69 / B76

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Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.



  • We added notifications to the software. Now you will always be updated when something changes within your planning. Read more about notifications here.
  • For language with different characters (e.g. Russian) the text editor was not always working. With the new update we improved this editor to allow you to edit your texts in more languages.
  • We removed the repair manager as it is not needed anymore with the notifications. With the right settings (and rights) everybody can function as repair manager. Note that the current repairmanager will get the same notifications as before as we set up the notifications that way. 
  • The default of the preview in the template editor now always show the latest document and also adopts the letterhead settings.
  • We rearranged the general screen of projects to make sure that the time input fields are shown correctly even on small screens.
  • When creating templates, you can now choose if you want to display the serial number, the assigned reference or both. You find this option in the equipment module of your template > Advanced settings > Display serial numbers of equipment.
  • We added a new module to the template editor. In the “Module subhire equipment” you’ll get a list of all subhired equipment per subhire job.
  • We changed the height of the error sidebar in the warehouse module, so it does not block the QR scan field anymore.
  • In every document or text field that accepts variables you can now add variables for the logged in user and the company details.
  • When the price on financial documents was rounded to 0.05 cents, in some cases the wrong price was shown on contracts and invoices. This is fixed now.
  • You’re now able to sort the extra input fields.



  • We fixed an issue regarding the display of items on location on packing slips.
  • An issue was fixed that appeared when duplicating a subproject and deleting the original one. 
  • The function groups on documents are now sorted in the same way as they were sorted in a project.
  • You can now import the invoice moment when importing contacts.
  • When selecting of dates in Edge of Firefox now only one date selector is shown.
  • When function distances are not set or zero, they are now hidden on documents.
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