Version F48 / B51

Your current version is listed in the fold-out menu under your account name.

Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. More on how we update our software.


In this version

  • You are now able to edit multiple equipment items at the same time. Simply select multiple items > click on more actions and select ‘edit multiple items’. You can check the boxes of the value(s) to change for all selected items.

In case your selection contains a set you can only edit the values that are applicable to sets.

  • We have added an option to the time schedule of your templates. You are now able to display the times for the current subproject and the main project.
  • A bug that showed the attachment size of emails in gigabyte instead of kilobytes is corrected
  • We fixed a bug that allowed certain users to access projects without having the permissions to do so. You now get a warning message saying that you don’t have permissions
  • We fixed a bug that blocked the next and previous period and next and previous days in the crew planner module from working.
  • The ‘Reserve equipment’ button in projects that are in option was not functioning as intended. That is fixed now.
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