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Manage contacts, locations and suppliers in one system.

Efficient relationship management tailored for rental companies

Rentman makes it easy to organize your contact information and helps you work smarter for better customer satisfaction. Our CRM integration allows you to see what has happened with your contact and helps plot the next contact activity in an easy-to-use system.

Whether you are in the office or on location, you can always access contact information from the cloud. Planning a meeting with a customer? Our Google Maps integration automatically calculates your travel distance and duration.

Retrospective view of contact points

Keep track of contact moments to make sure you are up-to-date before the next call. Using notes, you easily record what has been discussed and what your next action should be.

You can set appointments, calls and actions for yourself and others in the company, to ensure that you and your colleagues don’t miss out on a follow-up opportunity.

All contact information in one place

Our CRM is designed to keep all information in one place and easily accessible for other users (with permissions). Structure your contacts with profiles for companies, persons, and locations, and add multiple contact persons to each of them.

Categorize contacts and activities

You can set default discount and payment conditions for each client. To tailor the CRM for your business ends, you can add your own information using custom fields. Additional information can also be added by uploading documents or adding notes.

Labels make it easy to categorize your contacts. With the click of a mouse, you can view all your customers from a certain region.

At a glance

  • Track activity and easily schedule follow-up moments
  • Access contact details from any location at any time
  • Stay organized with a clear view of past contact points
  • Separate between companies, persons, and locations
  • Use tasks to set activity reminders 
  • Organize information with notes, labels and by adding files to contacts

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