Ultimate Document Checklist for Equipment Rental Businesses
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The Ultimate Document Checklist for your Equipment Rental Business + Free Templates

Whether you are in the business of renting out equipment for festivals, broadcastings or corporate events, having a comprehensive understanding of rental business documents is essential.

These types of documents play a crucial role in maintaining efficient operations and ensuring clear communication between all parties involved.

So, to help you get this smooth train going, we made a list with the most important equipment rental business documents, along with four customizable templates to streamline your processes!



The most important equipment rental business documents

Call sheet
A call sheet is a document to distribute amongst the crew the day before or on the morning of an event.

Why is a call sheet important? It serves as a crucial reference for everyone involved, ensuring that they are aware of the schedule, specific time, location and other requirements needed for a smooth process.

→ Download our free call sheet template for your crew.


Rental contract
A rental contract is a legally binding agreement between the rental business and the customer, outlining the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement. It covers key aspects such as rent, duration, and any specific rules or restrictions.


Crew member slip
A crew member slip is used when equipment rental services involve the provision of staff or crew members. It serves as a record for both the rental company and the crew members themselves. A crew member slip documents the personnel assigned to a particular project or task, including their names, roles, working hours, and any additional requirements.


Rental equipment slip
An equipment slip is used to record the details of the rented equipment. It typically includes information such as the equipment's specifications, rental duration, and any terms or conditions specific to the equipment.


Inspection report
An inspection report is used to document the condition of the rented equipment before and after the rental period. It helps ensure both the rental company and the customer have a clear record of the equipment's condition, noting any pre-existing damages or issues.


Rental invoice
A rental invoice is issued by the rental company to the customer, requesting payment for the rental services provided. It includes details such as the rental duration, rental fees, any additional charges, payment methods, and due dates. Invoices help maintain financial records and facilitate timely payments.

→ Download our free rental invoice template for your customers.


Rental packing slip / Sign-out sheet 
A packing slip, also known as an equipment sign-out sheet, itemizes the contents of a package, including quantity, description, and any special instructions. It helps both the company and the customer verify that all items have been received or returned.

→ Download our free packing slip template for rental orders.


Subrental slip
A subrental slip is used when a customer subleases or rents out the rented equipment to another party. It outlines the terms of the sublease, including rental fees, duration, and any additional responsibilities or restrictions.


Rental quotation
A quotation is a document that outlines the estimated costs and terms for equipment rental services and provides potential customers with a clear understanding of the pricing structure, services included, and any optional add-ons or customizations.

So what’s the difference between quotation and invoice? A quotation is a document that provides the estimated costs before the start of a project, while an invoice is a document requesting payment for goods or services that have already been provided.

→ Download our free rental quote template for your prospects.


A reminder document is used to notify customers, usually once or twice, about upcoming payments or important dates related to their rental agreements. It serves as a (friendly) reminder to ensure timely payments and avoid any misunderstandings.


Repair slip
A repair slip is used to document any maintenance or repair requests for the rental equipment. It includes details about the issue, the repairs conducted, and any associated costs. The repair slip ensures efficient communication and coordination between the rental company and the maintenance team, facilitating timely repairs and minimizing equipment downtime.

How to customize rental documents in Rentman



Streamline your equipment rental business with proper documentation

Now that you know the most important documents to manage your rental business efficiently, it is time to take action! So, what’s next?

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