2023 year in review

2023 - Our year in review

2023 has flown by. Last year was filled with many events and highlights for us, and we can see that it was also the case for you, as you have achieved more than ever before using Rentman.

We want to spotlight you and what you’ve achieved, because Rentman wouldn’t exist without you.

So here’s what you’ve accomplished in 2023.


More than one million projects created

Our users created more than one million events in 2023. That’s a lot of live events, productions, concerts, and parties designed and hosted by you in just twelve months.

2022 was the first year you ever reached more than one million projects created. We’re very proud to see that in 2023, you created 21% more projects than the year before. Kudos to you!

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You organized your warehouse like a pro

Who said managing equipment was difficult? You added and managed more than 34 million pieces of equipment in 2023. That’s more than the population of Belgium, Sweden, and Portugal combined.

And if a piece of equipment wasn’t available, that was no big deal. You used our subrental feature almost 85.000 times. One thing’s for sure, we always had your back!

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You knew where everything was

You tracked almost as many items as there are people in the Netherlands. Not only that, but you know what else is crazy? You scanned 288% more items than in 2022. Amazing, right? 

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Last year, we launched RFID for everyone. This led to more than 55 thousand items being scanned and tracked in mere seconds using RFID technology.

If you’re looking to boost your tracking processes too, then check out our RFID solution.


You relied on many crew members to make your events a reality

In order to organize one million-plus projects, you needed crew to support you. That’s why more than four million crew functions were created. A million more than in 2022!

In addition, two million roles were scheduled and 500k invites were sent out to your team. Ensuring you built schedules with ease.

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You and Rentman in 2023

Because we strive to always be there to help you navigate any challenges you face when using Rentman, we never stopped creating resources to help you!

That’s why we wrote 78 new support center articles! To ensure that the 58 billion seconds you spent using our software were productive.

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Can you reach 2.024 years by the end of 2024?


We never stopped developing new features

No matter rain or shine, our team of developers never slows down. We strive to continuously improve and update our product based on your feedback.

All while also ensuring you never have to experience any glitches. That’s why our application downtime decreased by 76%.

yir 6

Team Rentman in 2023

In 2023, Rentman grew massively. From our first-ever investment round to lots of new hires, we’re proud to bring together 27+ nationalities. And we’ll keep expanding to ensure we can deliver a top-notch software solution.

yir 7

And we don’t plan on slowing down in 2024 either. But, on behalf of the entire Rentman team, we would like to thank you for a wonderful year, and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2024.

Not a user of Rentman yet? Don’t forget to sign up for a free trial, so that you can be part of our next year in review.


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