2022 year in review

2022 - Our year in review

Rentman's year in review is back, packed with some cool insights and accomplishments of 2022. 🎉 This time, the spotlight is on you, which makes it extra special. Let's dive in!


You were spot-on this year

You created more than one million projects. Amazing, right? Just imagine how many live events, trade shows, concerts, and parties were designed by you last year. One thing’s for certain, we are sure you had fun quoting and invoicing your customers.

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Warehousing, taken to the next level

Who said managing equipment was difficult? You managed more than 25 million pieces of newly-added equipment. Some equipment was not available? We’re sure that was not a problem, since you made use of our subrental feature.

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Let’s not forget about Managing multiple equipment locations, which was a feature launched in 2022. Throughout the year, around 1,700 new asset locations were added, bringing it to a total of more than four thousand warehouses. That’s a lot of total inventory to be managed. 👏


Tracking your way to success

With Rentman’s tracking capabilities, you always knew where your equipment was.

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Last summer, we launched one of the most requested features ever: containers. And it paid off, since you added more than 12,000 containers to your projects.


Your crew was super busy

Your crew was busier than ever before. Over 3.6 million crew functions were created, and your crew was scheduled more than 1.6 million times for a project. You’ve also sent more than 400 thousand invitations to your teams. How many of them were sent using the Rentman mobile app?

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Rentman and you in 2022

This year was about your interaction with us. Our Support Center was the place to be if you had any questions about Rentman, with almost a quarter of a million visits.

However, if the Support Center was not for you, we were still there for you. We had thousands of chats with you and spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of minutes talking with you. You have a question? Our team of experts is here to help you!

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In the end, you spent more than 44 billion seconds on Rentman. That’s 509,826 days, or 1,396 years, more than one millennium. 😱


Rentman gets better every day

Team Rentman never sleeps. We strive to continuously improve our products for you. With the help of our users, we shaped Rentman into the software it is today. Don’t forget to check out our changelog to stay up-to-date on all our newest improvements & bug fixes.

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Team Rentman in 2022

We couldn’t have made anything possible without our great team. This year, we welcomed a lot of new faces, bringing our team to a total of 26 different nationalities. You can say we are quite the international bunch! And between the New Year's party in January and the Christmas party in December, we surely celebrated in style this year.

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On behalf of team Rentman, we would like to thank you for a wonderful year, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings ahead. ✨

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