2020 - Our year in review (1)

2020 - Our year in review

Rentman’s year in review is one of our favorite blogs of the year. COVID-19 has meant doing things a lot differently this year. However, this does not mean there are no highlights worth celebrating 🎉. Let’s dive into what you and Rentman have accomplished together in 2020 with all of it’s bizarre twists.


You have been busy preparing your warehouse

  • Since the inventory count module was added in April over 2,199 inventory counts have taken place. We hope you got rewarded with pizza after that hard work.
  • You made 16,852 repairs in Rentman. Did you stumble upon broken equipment during an inventory count?
  • Serializing equipment was more popular compared to last year. You added 1,052,312 new pieces of equipment and 790,961 new serial numbers to your databases.


Rentman and you in 2020

  • You visited our new support center and Rentman Academy 8,869 times since the launch to find the answer to your questions.
  • We got tons of feedback on the improved interface and we appreciated every single one of them! With 1,824 feedback messages, you allowed us to see your perspective.
  • You created 25,168 new document templates to improve your documents such as quotes, invoices, and packing slips. Optimizing for better times 💪.
  • Even though times were difficult, you planned crew 283,613 times for jobs.
  • You gave us a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Capterra, a slight increase compared to last year. You gave our Support Team a 4.7 out of 5. Thank you for the kind words!


At Rentman, we kept on improving our product

  • With 1,097,432 new lines of code and 705 improvements, our development team was busier than ever.
  • We kept the conversation going - we answered 13,211 emails, had 15,247 phone conversations with you, and since this year we also chatted with you over 5,220 times.
  • We held over 157 webinars covering different topics. Would you like to see more of them?
  • When the government's advice still allowed it, we visited your warehouses 18 times to conduct Rentman trainings. We are looking forward to planning visits again once the situation allows us.


The Rentman Crew during 2020

  • We added 12 new faces to the Rentman team from 8 different nationalities. With remote working, it's not always easy but many remote vrijmibos (Dutch for Friday evening drinks) and zoom sessions helped!
  • The Rentman van delivered 19 office chairs and 27 computer screens so that the Rentman crew could work in comfort from home.
  • 64% of colleagues put their Christmas trees up before December. They just couldn’t help the holiday spirit!
  • Both colleagues and customers showed off their children & pets during virtual meetings. We counted roughly 26.
  • Virtual coffee dates helped us stay sane. 193 meetings were held and probably 3x as many coffees were consumed during chats with our colleagues.

Though this has been one of the most challenging years for our industry, we have also seen many companies making the best out of these difficult circumstances. We hope 2021 brings you exciting new opportunities and most of all - health and safety.


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