Version F97 / B105

Your current version is listed in the fold-out menu under your account name.

Rentman updates are not deployed simultaneously for all accounts. It can take a few days before the updates are visible to you. Read more on how we update our software.


Digital signature available for all documents

You can now digitally sign every document. After signing, the .pdf with signature will be automatically added to your saved files in the project.

The .pdf file that includes the signature will be saved in the files, attached to the relating project. You can add the digital signing module to your templates in the template editor.

Export your Invoices as XML

From january 2019 in some European countries it'll be mandatory to make use of electronic invoices. Therefore, we added the option to export your invoices in XML format.

Before you can make use of this, you first need to set up a few things: 

1. Go to the Contact module and fill in the relevant information in the tab Electronic Invoicing.
2. In the Configuration, you need to fill in the relevant information under Electronic Invoicing.
3. Fill in the EDIFACT Code in your VAT schemes.

Note: This functionality is still in BETA.

Update Contact > Country

The Country field in your contacts has changed to a drop down menu. This way we can use this value for the XML export and for new features in the future.
Note: We have tried to match all the values automatically. In some cases it was not possible to recognize the name of the entered country. This is why we ask you to check if there are values that show "Other" in the Country field and change them to one of the values from the drop down menu.

Linked location in planning email

The location in a planning email is now a link that takes you to the correct address in your Maps application.

Notification when receiving emails

When somebody uses your [email protected] email address to reply to you, you will now get a notification (if it's active in your notification preferences). You can find your incoming emails by clicking on your name in the top right corner, select Messages and open the tab Notes.

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