Version F84 / B91

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  • You can now enter stock mutations for deliveries in the past. This way you can make sure that your stock levels are correct, based on the deliveries you had.
  • When filtering a list using tags, you can now decide if the results should include items with all the selected tags or just one of them. This helps you for example to find crew members with multiple required skills or characteristics.

    Example: When you want to find a light technician that also has a truck driver's license, you can select the two tags and All.

  • We added the total dimensions of your planned equipment (under "totals") to the widget section in the crew and transport tab. So you no longer have to switch tabs to see dimensions when adding your transport functions to a project.

Calendar synchronization

  • Sync your schedule from now on with your Google Calendar/Outlook (Office 365). Thereby you can access all important information regarding your schedule in your own calendar. You can find the instructions to set this up in your "My Schedule".
    Note: Google Calendar and Outlook only support a synchronisation that works one way, which means that you can only read the information on your device but you can't add information to Rentman from there.
  • We added more detailed descriptions to the project information attached to functions, like notes, locations and phone numbers.
  • The status of a project is now also synchronized for your functions.
  • You can now see reservations in your synced calendar.
  • Functions that are taken out of the planning are not shown anymore.
  • In CalDav there are now two different lists for your tasks: one including only your own tasks and one containing public ones. iCal doesn't support tasks at all.


This update includes a lot of (minor) bug fixes. Here are the most important ones:

  • Fixed: Copied items from one subproject to another will now stay there when you delete the original subproject (as it should have been).
  • Fixed: You could not save a project when you moved set contents out of a set and deleted the set. This bug is now resolved.
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